Let’s talk about sex baby

sex.jpgIt’s Friday night and i after a whole week and a half of dealing with family issues and dealing with wedding issues, i want to take a breather. I don’t want to talk about making money online today. Instead, i wanted to focus on Sex. I like to remain incognito with my blog so i don’t want to reveal too much personal info. Only thing my readers know about me is that i live in Chicago, and I dabble in real estate. You guys also know that i’m in LA to plan my wedding. You probably don’t know anything else about me. I like to keep it that well. This post is rated PG-13 so if you are easily offended or Christian, you should probably skip this one.

I used to be a big time AOL chatter. I loved going into the chatrooms and sparking up conversations with complete strangers. I think that’s one of the reasons why i love blogging so much. It’s like chatting. I like the fact that i don’t have to focus on spelling or grammer. I like that it’s casual and spur of the moment. I like that i get comments and i’m able to interact with my readers. It’s damn cool!

I used to go into random chat rooms. Some days i’d go into movie chat rooms. On other days, i’d slip into the XXX chatrooms. The noob is not a perv. The noob just like’s to experiement. The noob is a curious creature.

That being said, i wanted to talk about sex. Sex is a major part of life. It makes people think they are in love and it makes people spend money. We are programmed to have sex to procreate. But just as the body ages, so does the sex organs. I’m getting older now. I’m not married yet but i kinda feel like i am. And honestly, i don’t remember the last time i had sex. I think it was about a month ago. Who has time for sex? I can’t have sex and maintain a make money blog. That’s not how make money blogs work people. Johnchow, shoe, problogger, all don’t have sex. It’s an unwritten rule. Perezhilton has a lot of sex tho. Sex is in celebrity gossip blogs. Perez has hot homosexual sex.

Anyway, you would think that me not having sex would be a concern. But it isn’t. I’m kinda surprised that i’m so nonchalant about it. I should be freakin out. How can something so important to me a decade ago, be an after thought. I plan on continuing to have sex until the day i die, but i know it will get less and less exciting and more and more boring. Not to mention dry.

Hmm, this post is getting pretty graphic so i will post a little disclaimer. Anyway, if you guys have some married sex advice for me, please let me know.

16 thoughts on “Let’s talk about sex baby

  1. Moolahking

    I’m not married yet. Soon it will come tho..

    Noob, JC,shoe,pro all don’t have sex or all don’t have any lust on sex? Hahahahaha

    Anyway, can i have sex with the girl in the image? HOT, BABY..!!!!

  2. ryan

    I know where the n00b lives! SERIOUSLY! 😀 Nah, just saying through, if you are a perv I am oganizing an angry mob.

    And who said you had to be married, there is PLENTY of proof sex is going on outside of marriage. 😉

  3. the noob Post author

    moolahking- i think they could probably get some if they paid for it. wait are we talking about sex or traffic? wait in line. she’s going to be the hollywood version of “my sassy girl”

    ryan- haha. damn that mp3 player. im only a perv when my wife asks me to be. and ur too young to be talking about sex.

  4. alanj878

    The Noob has a sex blog now> lol, we know you are real person with th real desires. also some women from Craiglist use sex to make money online, and like passive income some of the woman pass on things (transmitted diseaes) that keep on giving

  5. Spanknsparkle

    Hmmmmm, I think you’re wrong, there’s plenty of sex after marriage. But I think the secret is to keep it sustained, as you’ve realised yourself, the less you do it, the less you want it. Perhaps you’ve forgotten how *good* it feels?

    And as for sex taking up too much time, aren’t you guys supposed to think about it every 7 seconds? Perhaps you should stop thinking about it, add up all those seconds and use them to actually do it instead?

    Please feel free to remove my comment if I’m too X rated for your site xx

  6. Chica

    I’ve been married for 6 years, we first started out like bunnies, then had kiddos, slowed down, and now after three kids, they sex is better then ever, even if its only once a week at the least. LOL I don’t know why people complain about sex lives when married, my advice is to take things slow, not to do everything freaky you can in the first year, or else you will be bored.

  7. Debo Hobo

    I like the idea of adding up all the 7 seconds as long as the adding don’t stop at 60 seconds. I’m really who wants a minute man.

    Sex is such a wonderful thing married or not.

  8. the noob Post author

    alanj- u think i should turn bloggernoob into sex blog? not a porn blog, just a blog about sex talks with adults. It’ll probably make more money… yeah i often browse craigslist erotic services section for jobs. unfortunately no takers so far.

    spanknsparkle- i’m usually wrong about things. haha. i think with all things marriage related, it happens with highs and lows. i guess cause of all the stress with the wedding, we are at our low. but we still make sweet love. just not twice a day like when we first met.

    chica- when you say bunnies, do you mean you guys would dress up in bunny customes? cause i’d be down for that, sounds pretty kinky. i’m into that type of stuff. i’d better quickly make some babies then. lol

    debo hobo- i assure you, i’m no minute man. i give here the whole 2 min experience.

    justin- enough about ur supermodel

    menopauseprincess- good point. but might i add that modern tech has brought about advances in the whole process of giving birth. It’s quite possible that they extracted his sperm into a cup and…maybe not. it’s quite an expensive process, but john does have a lot of money.

    wendy- can you arrange a meeting with the two of us. 34 years? damn

    stephanmiller- nice. u give me hope stephan. no kids yet?

    wamblings- she’s a cutie, the new my sassy girl.

  9. the noob Post author

    stephan- crazy, you look so young. didn’t expect you to have a 7 year old. congrats! stumbleupon? wow, that’s pretty amazing. very web 2.0 your marriage. :)

    samba- haha. i actually want to set up a site like that

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