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lawn.jpgI came across this website via mybloglog a couple of weeks ago. I loved the design of it and i loved the writing. Allyn Paul from life and lawns is a funny guy. The site is not just about grass. It’s about random thoughts floating around Allyn’s head. There are a lot of random babbling blogs around, but this one differs cause of Allyn’s sense of humor. You’ll have to visit his site to see what I’m talking about. He lives in Chicago. Wait a min…I live in Chicago too. Well part time anyway. I wonder if he’s downtown or in the suburbs. Hope he’s not stalking me or anything. Probably not cause he’s a Christian.(He wakes up everyday and prays for the lawns of America) Don’t neglect the lawns in the middle east Allyn. They need some prayer love too.

I don’t think life and lawns is set up to make money. I think he’s doing it for the love of the game. But it always helps to make a little cash on the site. I would recommend that he moves over to his own domain and get some hosting. If you’re interested Allyn, I’ll host you for free. Just guest post for me every once and again. And register your own domain. But seriously, if you want to make the switch let me know. Check out his site if you want a little chuckle.

2 thoughts on “Life and Lawns

  1. allyn paul

    Thanks Noob. I’m in the burbs, and the only person I stalk is my wife…LOL
    But I travel all over CHi and burbs for business, so the beer is on me anytime you’re up for it.

    I actually purchased a book today called Worpress for Dummies, so I am on my way to taking your advice on my own domain.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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