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link.jpgNoobs might not know this little useful bit of information. There’s value in a link from your blog to another blog. Obvious right? Why else would people pay or beg for links. Did you know that there’s value in links from your site to another page on your site? Try to make sure you have more incoming links as opposed to outgoing links. Get in the habit of linking to your older blog posts. This refreshes your older posts and gives you some much needed link love.

Tricks like this helps your SEO and bring life to an old blog post. It can get your PR up and help your blog get indexed better by search engines. Keep writing useful posts and links to yourself. Before you know it, you’ll be making money with your blog.

6 thoughts on “Link to your other blog posts

  1. JeanieBee

    Newbie here….how do I link to my own blog posts? Do you mean on the same “blog”? or on another blog of my own?

    I need more links and am willing to try once I find out how!

  2. the noob Post author

    chexed- yup yup

    elaine- no problem elaine

    jeaniebee- i meant same blog. just click on your individual post. copy the url of that post. and link to it. viola.

    gusland- thanks gusland. merry new year to you too!

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