Link with an insult?

images.jpgLinking to another blog is the highest form of blog flattery. So if you insult a blogger, should you link to that blog? Of course not. Why give link love to a blog you dislike? Of course, it could make for a more interesting comment section. The blogger you insulted will come back to your blog and trash you back. Or he or she will take the noble route and turn the other cheek.

I don’t link to chow or any of his arse kissers cause they aren’t deserving of a link. I like to save my links for blogs i actually read. But then again, it could be good for my blog if i included a link to the blog i’m trashing. As long as it’s not a link to chow, i could get some riled up comments going. It could be like the rap wars.

What do you guys think? Should i include a link with an insult? Should i link to the ass kissers?

12 thoughts on “Link with an insult?

  1. witchypoo

    There’s a reason it’s called linky love. A PR person though, would say there is no such thing as bad publicity. Are you really so tapped for ideas that you want to start flame wars on your blog? I have a strict policy of not feeding the trolls, but that also means I can’t be one. I might get upset to find a link trashing me or my blog, but I doubt that I would respond to it.

  2. Jason

    Link to the blogs so that they come over to BloggerNoob, get pissed off and write something full of steam… it’s good for a laugh, I’ve done it before :)

    No such thing as bad publicity, and if you get a blogger riled up enough he’ll write a post about you; sure, it may be a bad one, but you get traffic eh 😀

  3. the noob Post author

    witchypoo- good point. i might not respond either. but it might be fun to let them know that you’re trashing them. :) makes for a nice conversation

    jason- i will take your advice and link with my insults. thanks jason. your uber contest is going well. i got a lot of backlinks. nice ass kissing job 😉

  4. Jackie

    I continue to read Chow and Money and if I see an interesting post that they decided to do, I do not link to it but mention it in my blog…I figure they get a lot of link love already and I save my link love for the smaller & medium size bloggers…

  5. the noob Post author

    jackie- i mention chow all the time. usually it’s to dog his blog. but i don’t think he minds, or even aware of it. yeah, save your links for small and medium blogs. they will appreciate it.

    marc- yup yup. i alredy followed his advice and put a link up.

    livingonadsense- haha. u do? i don’t see no pingbacks. where are these insulting links you’re talking about. 😉

  6. Jeff Ando

    Lookin good! You make a good point! I would definitely listen to what you have to say!@ :}Show me the Money!!!! :)$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Take care!!! :)

  7. Aero Kitty

    You know, there’s this website I found recently, and I absolutely despise it. The author is a boring, egotistical freak who honestly thinks he is forever interesting. It’s amazing. I know you just said not to give link love, but seriously, look how horrible this blog is. It made me nauseous:

    They take suck to a whole new level.

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