List of Generic comments

genericcomments.jpgHere is a list of some popular generic comments that are borderline spam. These are comments that even a monkey could write.

1. nice blog
2. nice post
3. i agree
4. u suck
5. come check out my blog
6. johnchow said this
7. shoemoney said this
8. problogger said this

If you look around, you’ll see a lot of these phrases on peoples blogs. If you leave comments like this, i suggest you either add to the generic phrase, or think of something else to say. Read the post and pull something specific out and put it in the comment. It’s not that hard to do. That photo was for you witchypoo.

13 thoughts on “List of Generic comments

  1. Oscar

    yeah , i hate that stuff, i want people to actually read my blog, i dont need fake traffic, i dont spend hours a day so somebody can just be in and out for show, id rather someone write me and say I didnt like your blog, heres how i think you can improve it.
    PS i clicked the casino site and it automatically wanted me to download software, which scares me into clicking more of your links, just thoughtid let you know, good luck bro

  2. the noob Post author

    oscar- yup. better that they hate my blog as opposed to them not even reading it. thanks for the info about my link. it’s a paid review. i’ll try not to take these type of reviews. I don’t want readers to not click my links. thanks for the input.

  3. Juha Ylitalo

    I don’t mind about those kind of comments, when I have nofollow policy on my site, but if I would join the ‘you comment, I follow’ movement, then I would have to be more selective on what comments I am willing to accept.

  4. app

    Another thing to watch out for is the ‘nice blog’ trackbacks. They are just as bad.

    I have come across a few that just wander the internet looking for blogs to ‘post’ about. When you hit their blog it’s nothing but 100’s of ‘nice blog about ___’ posts linking to other blogs. Absolutely no actual content. (unless you consider all the ads all over it content)

  5. the noob Post author

    the rookie- u suck

    juha- i guess you have a point there.

    app- yeah. but who could blame them. the content stealers or lazy bloggers are looking for easy ways to fill up their blog. u at least get your technorati rank boosted.

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