List of movies to help you dream

make money online with drew barrymoreI think most businessmen are dreamers. We have to be. We decide to step outside of the norm and pursue projects that no one else believes in but us. This takes a lot of dreaming. I mentioned that my dream is to make an indie film or feature length documentary. I’m in my early thirties so i feel hopeful of reaching my dream. Whatever your dream may be, don’t give up on them. I know it’s scary to actively pursue your dream, but take a chance and just go for it. Many of you dream of making a lot of money online. That’s great and i respect that. Whether your dream involves music, design, arts, fashion, or the internet, keep your hope alive. I’ve complied a list of movies that are inspirational for dreamers.

my date with drewMy date with Drew– Maybe i am biased because i have hopes of making a movie. This was fantastic. The idea that you can pursue your dream without a lot of money. Just get a bunch of you boys (or girls) together and brainstorm. The filmmakers started with a modest budget of less then 1500 dollars. They wanted to see if a regular loser of a guy could get a date with Drew Barrymore. They used six degrees of separation to get actors, writers, and producers to help them out. They also used the internet to create buzz for the movie. It’s a really cute movie that i highly recommend.

in america the movie makes money onlineIn America– This movie got me all teary eyed. In America follows a immigrant family to New York. The father dreams of becoming an actor. After watching this movie, you will feel like all warm and fuzzy inside. You’ll realize that nothing in life can hold you down so long as you have a loving family and or friends.

20 dates make money online20 Dates– The filmmaker and star of this mockumentary was a struggling filmmaker and lover. He decided to make a documentary out of his two biggest failures in life, Movies and Relationships. I think the movie would have been better it if didn’t include forced scenes with real actresses, but regardless, this movie is worth watching. It’s inspiring to see success come out of failures.

hoop dreams to make money onlineHoop Dreams– One of my favorite documentary films of all time. Hoop Dreams follows two aspiring ball players trying to catch their hoop dreams. The movie is raw and real. It’s sad and hopeful at the same time. You don’t have to be a fan of sports or basketball to appreciate this movie.

use wordplay to make money onlineWordplay– If you can make a movie about crossword puzzles, then you can make a movie about anything. I love all kinds of puzzles. Rubix cube, crosswords, soduku. You name it, i’ve probably played it. What was interesting to see was the fraterization of like minded individuals. Whatever your interest lies, you’ll find a group of people who share it. There are internet boards and groups for all kinds of weird fetishes and hobbies. You’re reading this blog because you’re a nerd blogger like me.

rita hayworth and shawshank redemptionShawshank Redemption– I don’t know a single soul who didn’t like this movie. This film is mentioned on every major top 100 movie list. If you’re not a moviebuff, you can read Steven King’s Different Seasons which is a collection of novella that included Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption. The movie is about a wrongly convicted felon who escapes prison. He spends years planning his escape and swims throught miles of shit to get out. If that isn’t inspirational and motivational to a bunch of lazy ass loser blogger, i don’t know what is.

rudy makes money onlineRudy– All i have to say is. “Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!”

make money online with good will huntingGood Will Hunting– Movie ended up being a contemporary classic. I still can’t believe Matty D and Benny A wrote this flick. I was reading the screenplay for this movie and in the forward by Gus Van Sant, the director, i read that Ben and Matt would drive from NYC to LA and one would drive and the other write. Blogger are writers. We don’t do anything special. We just write. But on rare occasion, you can create something powerful. Good Will Hunting is a great example of the power of writing. Thinking about this screenplay, i feel kinda cheap and sleazy to pen a make money online blog.

amelie makes money onlineAmelie– Had to include this move in here because i’m in love with Audrey Tautou. She’s such a cute creature. She’s on my short list of people i would leave my wife for. Don’t worry, she has a list too. The moral of this story is that you should enjoy life’s little pleasures. You should take chances and live life to the fullest. Try new things.

love actually makes money onlineLove actually– I just put this in here cause i watched it last night. I don’t know why, but i love this movie. It’s corny at times, but i think brilliant. Make me wish i had a British accent. The cast is amazing. And each individual subplot in this ensemble piece is good in it’s own way. The move ends with a crescendo to love. The little boy’s face as he jumps into Niam Neeson’s arm is priceless. And You have to love Colin Firth’s proposal to Aurelia at the end. “Yes is being my answer”

12 thoughts on “List of movies to help you dream

  1. philblog

    Mr. bloggernoob add to your list the movie “THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS”… it was very touching story.. both my wife and I cried at that movie!

    It was very very very great movie!

    Have you watch it mr. noob?

    If not I suggest to all readers of this blog to watch that movie. It was very inspiring in achieving once happiness in life. 10/10 is my score to that movie!!!

  2. m.dinesh

    Ya bloggernoob, u said it right.
    Shawshank redemption is really great movie, we really don’t expect what happens at the last. The movie really surprises with the climax.

  3. B Carter

    I will agree with “The Pursuit of Happiness” and I would also recommend “Working Girl”.

    Of course, you could go on all day or even all year with inspirational movies.

  4. Truth Hurts

    well all i gotta say is m a real dreamer. and hell f a dreamer. none of ur movies deal wid struggling lives of pple who became rich business man. all ur list has is bullshit! apart from 1 or 2 movies da list is of pussy movies.
    go out der n c dem…der r tons of movies dat wil make u jump outta dis bloggin bullshit and start working.!

  5. the noob Post author

    chiQ- It was ok. I like Big Willie syles, but that movie didn’t touch me like i thought it would. just seemed like the theme of the money was. make money and you’ll be happy. not very deep. Some scenes were good tho.

    philblog- you guys cried? nice. Thought the movie was just ok. I’ve seen better more inspirational movies. In America is a perfect example. It’s great that you were inspired by it. How is your pursuit going?

    m dinesh- yup. it’s on everybody top ten list.

    shafar- you’re welcome

    b carter- working girl was good. i have a big time crush on segorniy weaver. However you spell her name. alot of people here seem to like pursuit. hmm.

    truth hurts- huh? sorry, i don’t know what you’re saying here. maybe if you worked on spelling and gramatically structure, u would be a better communicator. please leave comments that are understandable next time. i appreciate your love and support.

  6. philblog

    Mr. noob, Yup… It get me cried… you know why, I had experienced to walk for three days without knowing where to go, sleep at the park for two days at the other country without any food just water, fighting for this so called life, that god damn cold nights i remember. I’m only 28 as of now but my life has full of experience, from happiness to tragic and from death to success.

    Well I guess, people are different like this “truth-hurts say that all your list are bullshit but for me its not. It’s somewhat how people are appreciating things around him and maybe Mr. truth-hurts doesn’t know how to appreciate one, he’s a dumb statue.

  7. the noob Post author

    philblog- wow. seems like they should make a movie out of your life. i’m glad the hard time are behind you. and 28 is still young. you have your whole life ahead of you. we all do. I’m going to make a movie one day. Maybe you should write the screenplay. 😉

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