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ear.jpgThe whole point of having a blog is interactivity. You get to publish content on the fly and have your readers comment on your posts. Bloggers that don’t reply to readers’ comments are missing the whole point of blogging. Sometimes commentators will post suggestion for your blog. It’s important to listen to your readers and implement those suggestions.

If your reader makes a suggestion on you blog and you follow his or her suggestion, your blog becomes better. Making changes for your reader not only improves your blog, but it also pleases the reader that made the suggestions. You will form a personal connection with that reader. (almost like a personal realationship with Jesus but not quite) This will grow an ultra loyal readership.

I’ve received several requests regarding the number of daily posts i write. Some people are amazed and some people suggest that i slow down a bit. I realize that you shouldn’t overwhelm your readers with too much content. I’m trying to grow this site so i’ve been working hard at creating a lot of content, but i’ve found that it could have a negative effect. I noticed that some of my posts were not getting the attention i felt it deserved. Don’t want my hard work to float around aimlessly in archivesland.

I will continue to post multiple posts with this blog, but i will try to mix it with smaller posts in the middle. I’ll try to keep my major make money posts on top of the front page for my RSS subscribers. Thanks for commentating guys and i’ll try out your suggestions.

9 thoughts on “Listen to your readers

  1. joprotus

    It makes sense. That’s how big companies do, that’s why they are getting bigger. They listen to their customers. We bloggers should listen to our readers, which are happened to be our clients.

    Btw, thanks for adding me up in BC.

    Keep blogging noob.

  2. Nick

    Totally agree noob, listening to your readers is paramount, as if you don’t then they’ll stop listening (subscribing) to you!

    I’d probably suggest slowing down on the posts and making them more detailed?

    With regards to the sponsored posts, I’ll tend to ignore them and read your other work instead.

  3. Allyn Paul

    I kinda like the fact that you put up 4 or 5 posts at once, but that’s just me.

    Realize this: I subscribe via email…if you put up one post, and it does not interest me, I prolly won’t click through to your site. But, if there are 4 there, I am bound to like one of them and click on through.

    just my humble opinion. I’m a loyal reader either way.

  4. the noob Post author

    nick- im going to mix them up. i’ll have a couple longer posts, and a couple short ones.

    allyn-yeah i think it works out. the more i write the faster my site can grow too. i have a lot of drafts so that really helps. i carry my mp3 player all the time. it has a voice recorder and i give myself memos for post ideas. taking it with you to the bookstore and flipping thru business magazines is golden

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