Little stress big stress

twins.jpgLife is full of stress. This is as certain as death and taxes. From my experiences, it’s the little stresses that end up being the most stressful.

It’s similar to relationship fights. Most of the fights i have with my wife are over little stuff. Who didn’t do the dishes. Who does the dishes more often. Blah Blah Blah.

When it comes to blogging, you should sort out your online affairs. If you put things off, it can build up to become something that causes you stress. If you don’t reply to emails right away, you’ll create more work for youself, and that will become stressful.

Something that causes stress on bloggernoob is my time constraint. When i started this blog, i had a lot of time to devote. But lately, i only want to spend a fixed amount of time on this blog. Since, i’m trying o develop other sites, i don’t want all of my precious time locked into this make money blog. So i put off on the emails and comment replies. As my blog grows, i get more and more emails. The best way to reduce stress is to not put things off.

2 thoughts on “Little stress big stress

  1. Brian Fitzpatrick

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  2. the noob Post author

    brian- lulu dot com. yeah that’s a pretty good site as well. I’m curious about the book you published. leave me a link, i wanna check it out. :)

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