Look what happens when you sell your blog

soldblogs.jpgCashquests dot com and bloggingfingers dot com sold recently. The new owners are having a hard time getting the readership back. Bloggingfingers is going to be ok but i think cashquests is going down the tubes. My site is doing pretty good when comparing with these two recently sold blogs.

6 thoughts on “Look what happens when you sell your blog

  1. bloggernoob

    andy-i think it’s ok to buy a blog. it helps to have a firm starting point cause starting a new blog is tough. My point is that these two blogs sold to the wrong people. I’m especially disappointed in the new owners of cashquests. That was a gem of the make money blogophere.

    thewild1-my thoughts exactly.

  2. Andy

    I see. Well of course if the are only posting a couple of times per month, it will have a negative effect. I don’t think that most people can comprehend the level of commitment that is required to maintain a top level blog.

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