Looks can be deceiving

harisoo.jpgOn the internet, looks can be deceiving. A site that looks like it gets a lot of traffic and is worthwhile to advertise on can in fact be useless to buy ads from. An email that looks legit can in fact be from some phishing scammer. Even income reports and affiliate screenshots can be doctored. RSS subscriptions can be manipulated.

Making money online is totally possible but you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. There are a lot of people who lie about how much they make online. Since i don’t want to dog on my own blog genre, i will keep this short. My make money blog makes money. Most of the money i make with this blog is due to new visitors to my site. The people who click my ads and affiliate links are the ones who make me money. As i grow my traffic, i get more private ad requests. So, the amount of money i make depends on the traffic i receive. But, honestly, my blog is pretty useless. It’s a damn make money blog, what do you expect. I’ve already covered 99.99% of the money making tricks to you in my previous posts. And guess what, all the same money making secrets are repeated over and over again by every other make money blogger. So it’s pretty pointless to read my blog and every other make money blog out there.

It’s difficult to be honest and promote my blog at the same time. There’s an obvious conflict of interest. If i want to be honest, i have to tell you guys to stop reading my blog. I have to tell you guys that you already know what is required to make money online. Just read a few of my previous posts and you more then enough info to start monetizing your blog. But cause i do depend on traffic to make more money with this blog, i have to fluff my posts up a bit. I have to keep repeating things without boring my readers. This is probably true of every make money blog out there. When i started this blog, i would spend hours browsing other make money blog, but i soon realized that it’s pointless. I already knew everything they were saying. There isn’t anything new to be said about making money online. My blog is big enough that i get sent emails notifying me of new ad site or promotions. So I don’t even need to go outside my email box to find the new monetizing ad programs. I don’t need to read your stupid make money blog. And you really shouldn’t be reading mine either.

But, i want you to read my blog. Not because i like you guys. Not because i want to help you guys either. I want you to read my blog because i want to make more money. Plain and simple. I could try to put a poetic spin on this but it’s really black and white. I’m a greedy bastard and i want more money. More more more. But i warn you, don’t trust everything that i say. Don’t put your faith in the noob. The best advice i can give you is, DO. Try out all the affiliates and paid posting sites and see what makes the most money for you. Reading and believing what other make money bloggers write will not make you any money. You gotta go out and get your own traffic. Get your own commissions. Make your own cash. Don’t believe all the hype. Johnchow’s last income report could be fake. Why not? Idiots will still believe it. The super affiliate’s latest affiliate commission screenshot is fake. Only thing he’s good as is photoshop. He doesn’t know how to make money with affiliate links. That new make money blog is useless. And guess what, the RSS subscription count is not accurate. He doesn’t have that many subscribers. The picture of the hot Asian female in this post….she’s a HE. How do you like them apples. Adam’s apples.

But seriously you guys…If you have a small penis or a flat chest…you should subscribe to my RSS feed. It Will make your privates bigger. Trust me.

3 thoughts on “Looks can be deceiving

  1. mel avila alarilla

    I admire your honesty and candor. Few people can be downright honest about themselves. I have not read your previous articles but I will be coming back to read them. I also subscribe to your belief that visiting other blogs and leaving comments is the old fashion but effective way of increasing one’s traffic. It gets so confusing with all those SEOs and linkage outfits out there competing for patronage. I am doing it slowly but surely and I don’t want to rush things. Right now, I am concentrating on increasing my traffic and later on I will seek advertisers. I have already linked you with my blog. I hope you do the same with mine. Thanks again for your valuable post. God bless you and your family always.

  2. the noob Post author

    mel- thanks, i hope that i can continue to blog in this style. I’ve seen blogs that start out with this no bullshit attitude and then sell out. Hopefully bloggernoob never makes too much money. I’m happy making around 2k a month with this blog. If i start making more, i might sell out.

    dean- thanks

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