Looks like google updated PR

googleslap.jpgI just noticed that googled updated everybody’s PR. Or they are still in the process of updating. I think they updated the toolbar PR. Anyway…I got a big fat zero. I was expecting that, so i’m not that disappointed. But i have to say that i miss my N/A. At least i had hope of PR. Doesn’t matter for this blog, cause i chose to do a lot of paid posting. Who knows, maybe i’ll get a PR later on. I noticed a few PR4 people lost all their PR. I feel bad cause they depend heavily on private ads. PR helps when you want to sell private ads. High pagerank will yield you high ad prices. Well johnchow is the exception. They might be losing next months private ad sales. It really sucks that we are at the mercy of google. I wish there was another search engine that could compete. It’s never good to have a company like google be so dominant. Some followed google’s orders and upped their PR. Congrats to you guys. I have a plan, i am working on another bloggernoobesque blog. I want to grow that without worrying about the mighty hand of google. Hopefully i can duplicate the success of this blog on to another. If i can’t, at least i’ll have a great story to write about. If i can grow a PR4 blog, i’ll use that for link juice and etc. For easy paid posting money, i’ll just use this blog. Even without PR, bloggernoob dot com is a money making blog. If you lost your PR, or still have none, don’t fret. As long as you have traffic and some loyal readers, you can make money with your blog.

20 thoughts on “Looks like google updated PR

  1. Chica

    I don’t know what did mine, but us Zeros should unite! I am a zero too, but wouldn’t ahve it any other way, I still heart my blog, it’s been good to me. :)

  2. Garg the Unzola

    The idiots also took away referrals.
    Without telling me.
    They still kept the referrals on my blog, but they just stopped paying people from my area for them. Nice! Now I have hits on their ads that I am not getting anything for.

  3. ShadowKnight

    Bah, PR is over rated any ways.

    My sites been on 4 for ages. It had a bried run at 5 yesterday before my webhost screwed the account for 20 hours!

    Anyways, hang in there and trust your content is good. Because it is good!

  4. Zang

    I somehow fret for not having gained any PR since I started with my blog. What hurts is that some of my friends online got a good PR perk up and mine none when in fact I am getting traffic that is way ahead of their’s.

    I need someone to console me, My Consoling Asylum cannot console me enough.

  5. Shirley

    PR is overrated and what good does it do?
    I get lots of traffic from the search engines but they don’t click on any ads…Even when I was #1 I didn’t make a dime. But I will soon, because I found a program that pays for EVERY visitor and they don’t have to click on any ads.
    If you want to see what this program is visit here http://tinyurl.com/3xvt91

    Wishing you success

  6. soundtrackgeek

    Weee, a 0 for me too, but I got my first official backlinks yesterday, hurrah! My blog is only 2 weeks old, and I am not worried at all. By the way, heard of Realrank by Izea? Supposed to be the new hot thing.

  7. rhyan

    Yeah google’s PR ranking goes on a roller coaster ride this day 😀 . Some people go crazy of this PR stuff, I notice some sites who has higher PR rank with low traffic 😀 .

  8. Annie

    I have just begun to pay any attention to this page rank stuff. I think it is most important to have a nice blog that appeals to readers before Google. Google is starting to remind me of the FICO score folks. You just can’t do the right thing no matter how hard you try. I have a question for anyone who knows……..Does domain mapping affect your pagerank? I noticed that when I submitted http://www.thesavytourist.com that they didn’t know I existed, but if I typed in the http://www.thesavvytourist.typepad.com it was a different story. I know I am easily confused, but it doesn’t need to be this hard, does it?

  9. Tommy

    Not sure why but I bumped up to a 3 with the blog yet the splash/landing page is still a 2 and both sites are actually just about 2 months old though the domain is about 10 months old. Interestingly, my last shot at domain wonder prior to a domain squatter stealing it is a 4 and that guy’s done nothing with it at all…still irritates…oh well…guess I shouldn’t complain too much….Peace all….T

  10. bloggernoob

    rookie- it’s all good. i was expecting it. yeah it was the ppp. congrats on your pr tho :)

    chica- i like my blog too. and urs too. the zero is cause of ppp.

    gragtheunzola- ur talking about ppp?

    shadowknight- pr is over rated…but it still is king of the ranks. until another search engine comes out to compete with google…google pr will be the gold standard…unfortunately. thanks for your kind words.

    zang- if you have traffic and links…and no pr, it might be due to ppp or other sites like that.

    blogentrepreneur- sweet. 45 days and pr2 is pretty nice.

    shirley- pr gets you higher prices for private ads. and it’ll get you higher paying ppp gigs. the catch 22 is that you get higher paying gigs but if you do it, you’re sure to get slapped by google. realrank is a joke.

    blogentrepreneur- oh was it? i try not to link on tinyurl links anyway. glad i didn’t visit then. good eye man!

    soundtrackgeek- that’s good. i got my first offical backlinks too. so at least i have that. i try to be the glass is half full guy. realrank is a joke. no one will buy into it. it’s sad cause google needs to be checked and balanced by someone. too much power.

    neotrepreneur- true true. but pr is still nice. i wouldn’t mind having pr. thats why im working on my other site too. that one…strictly for PR

    killian- you’ll probably get it on the next update.

    rhyan- seems kinda bogus. i guess google is really hammering down on ppp. hypocrites. i would understand if they didn’t make money with their ad baby…but obviously there is conflict of interest. ranks should be done by companies that aren’t in the ad game.

    annie- good comparison. kinda is like fico. but the thing is…like fico…pr is pretty important when time comes for money transactions. no worries about the typo. :) oh nm..it was your link. that’s important 😉

    tommy- nice pr. hopefully you can catch the squatter with the next update.

    leon- i would even go for a pr1. pr2 is nice. good job leon.

  11. the noob Post author

    I’m not sure if i’ll ever get pr. cause i plan on continued paid postings. don’t care much tho for this blog. i have other blogs that i am silently growing PR on. a few of them received PRs. which is funny cause they aren’t updated regularly and they don’t receive much traffic. guess google isn’t that smart. people can easily trick it.

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