Looks like i made 5 digits on alexa

bloggernewb.jpgThe contest is over. I will not be taking any more contestants for my 100 dollar alexa contest. It looks like i made it to 5 digits on alexa. Not 100% sure but i think it will be confirmed either tomorrow or on the next day. It hasn’t fully updated but i’m seeing my alexa toolbar rank at 92,467. When it does this, it usually means it’s going to update. You know what they say, “always bet on NOOB.” For those of you who went and bet against me, i’m not player hatin, i know you guys just did it for the bigger cash prize. I know that deep down inside you guys knew that i’d make it. If it turns out that i didn’t make it by the 11th, i’ll write a follow up post with the new $100 winner. Some of you left me a comment but didn’t enter the contest. Why? You should have, cause you could have been 20 bucks richer. The people who bet that i could make it are Allen, witchypoo, and luckymyway. I will be selecting a winner out of these three smart individuals on Jan 11th 2007. 33.3% chance of winning is awesome. Easy Money! Thanks for playing and visiting this make money blog. My contests are random and easy to enter. Not a lot of people enter so you have a really good shot at winning. Don’t miss out on future contests, subscribe to my RSS feed.

9 thoughts on “Looks like i made 5 digits on alexa

  1. the noob Post author

    moolahking- thanks moolahking. yup mi es loco

    stevenkovar- thanks

    gusland- thanks :) u should have gone for the easy money. 20 bucks ain’t too shabby

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