Love it when Alexa updates

alexa.jpgAre you guys happy with your new Alexa update? I am! My humble blog is now 300k. Pretty soon i’ll be in the five digit ranks. I think it’ll be a tough climb from that point but coming this far hasn’t been that hard. It just goes to show that most bloggers don’t really work on their sites.

There are certain tricks you can do to speed up your climb on alexa.

1. Download the alexa toolbar and set your blog as the homepage.
2. Whenever possible use the alexa redirect just replace my URL with your own.
3. Place the alexa redirect to your URL on other people’s sites. Whenever you leave your link, try to leave it as the redirect to your site. I recently did that on my youtube page.
4. Keeping posting on your blog. The most posts you have, the most traffic you’ll get. Not really a trick. Just your plain, old fashioned, vanilla, missionary position way to increase your alexa rank.

16 thoughts on “Love it when Alexa updates

  1. witchypoo

    You get paid for your regular blog? Or is it for certain topics or even elsewhere?
    I’m not sure my blog has a wide interest base.
    It’s kind of a niche thing.

  2. Mark Antony

    Hi, yes I was pleased to get below the 1 million mark on Alexa! Still a long way to go, but in under two months I’ve also travelled a long way too!

    At lease, I feel with Alexa, I have realistic goals to aim for. Google page rank is another thing altogether!


  3. the noob Post author

    witchypoo- You get paid for any type of blog. You can still find posting gigs for you niche, or find something similar and take the opportunity.

    allynpaul- ๐Ÿ˜‰

    markantony- getting under the 1 mil mark is a milestone. congrats mark.

  4. Karl Erfurt

    I have found that it is pretty easy to get under the 1 million mark just by going through the normal actions of editing and publishing posts, including surfing around my own blog occasionally when I’m trying to find a post to link back to from a current post.

    I’m using the Firefox Search Status extension, and it seems to work pretty well for crediting page views at Alexa even though I haven’t been really trying to “game” the system lately.

    My Alexa rank has consistently stayed in the 300,000 to 400,000 range for the last few months, and I get very little traffic other than what comes from my SEO efforts (mostly Google search traffic, and most of these visitors probably don’t have the toolbar installed). I haven’t done the redirect trick yet; it seems like kind of a “grey hat” thing that might annoy some people, but it might work for things like forum signatures.

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  6. Brady Winek

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  7. Ahmed Rhynard

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  8. Manuela Manecke

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