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halle berry having funI went through a lot of phases with my blog. I started the blog with excitement and was quick to give up cause it was so hard. I didn’t know how to put pictures up or link to other sites. I was such a noob. But then i figured out how to do the simple tasks and it became fun again. I quickly learned how to monetize my site and that’s when i got hooked.

But after i went through that phase, i started to lose momentum. I was losing readers and i was becoming less satisfied with the money that was made via this blog. But i didn’t quit. I kept writing posts. It was hard cause new material is hard to come by. I’m a natural BSer so i was able to write pretty much anything on the fly. But even my BS was getting tired and boring. I was uninspired and tired.

When you hit one of you down cycles with your blog, don’t quit. I know it’s hard to constantly write and update, but you have to do it. If you want to make money online, you gotta fill your site with content. Good content, bad content, whatever!

Most bloggers will tell you to only write good content. I have to disagree. I say write whatever. The bloggers that tell you to only write good content are hypocrites. They don’t write good content either. “He who cast the first stone” is what i say to those high horse bloggers.

For me, the best thing about blogging is that i get to write whatever i want. This blog is my personal diary of sorts. I can ramble and babble about anything. Writing can be fun. If you get tired of the same old mess, you should switch gears and write about something random. Like penguins! Penguins are awesome! I’m sure that if you know a lot about penguins, you can set up a website about those flightless birds. And if you get traffic, you’ll make some nice “penquin” coin.

Noobies, make blogging fun again. Don’t get bothered or stressed by your blog. It’s only a damn blog. Don’t take it too seriously and have fun with it. Write a funny rant or dog on some self righteous blogger. Do whatever the F you want! Noob out!

5 thoughts on “Make blogging fun again

  1. Jared Stenzel

    *considers writing a rant about the noob but passes*

    So this time where you were really tired of it. Was it by chance that long string of posts where you basically only mentioned you had no idea what you were doing, you were repeating old posts, you piled on the paid posts, and you continuously mentioned how tired you were of posting?

  2. Psiplex

    Absolutely spot on! When anyone does something for fun, it takes almost no effort. If it makes money, great, if not, you still have the fun component to enjoy and share. Nice photo by the way!

  3. jeflin

    You are right, sometimes we are too bothered with writing good content and it is so tiring that we lose interest in the blog.

    Have fun again by writing anything of interest but of course, it is also important to get back on track soon as the niche audience may not appreciate too much BS.

  4. wendy

    You can pass your lost readers over to mine. LOL

    Still trying to fix my site so I can your handsome Noob pic up there

  5. the noob Post author

    jared- u got me jared. yes i made a long string of paid stuff. in case you forgot, my blog only works when i can make money with it. and about repeating the same posts over and over again. that’s the secret. You have to constantly repeat shit if you want to make money. :) Make money online blogs, only need like 3 posts. And the rest is all repeat stuff. lets keep this on the downlow

    psiplex- i’m having fun with this blog. Even if i wasn’t make money, or if no one read it. i think i would still blog from time to time. It’s like a personal diary. Of course, the money and the fact that a few people actually read my blog, gives me the juice to write everyday.

    jeflin- yup yup. I think a lot of blogs get lost because they get abandoned by the owners. Bloggers lose interest cause it can get pretty boring.

    wendy- handsome? u hitting on me wendy? u do realize that i’m a married man….

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