Make it personal when your site is new

personalservice.jpgIf you have a website that is getting a lot of traffic, you don’t need to constantly reply to emails and comments. You should out of common courtesy, but it isn’t necessary to draw income. That’s because you already have a large amount of traffic. Random people will click through and buy something. That’s just how the internet works.

When you site is new, you really have to focus on making it personal. In order for you new site to grow, you have to build a solid base of readers. This will help you get a better ranking, and it will help you form relationships with other like minded bloggers or readers.

The internet is pretty impersonal. People are social creature, so they want the added support and attention. If you are willing to give that to the few readers in the beginning, they will be more willing to click or buy something from you site.

If you have a site and you regularly maintain it, you’re pretty much guaranteed at least some income. I’m pretty confident that i can keep generating a few hundred dollars a month with this blog. It’s only 7 weeks old but already monetized. Your site will continue to go even if your content is not that good. That’s just how the internet works. You can get traffic with shitty content but you won’t be able to keep the traffic. They’ll just click away. In the beginning focus on content that will build a loyal readership. Don’t go for link baiting or tricky methods in the beginning. You can get a lot of traffic but it won’t be lasting. If it’s not lasting, you probably won’t make much money.

Even a few month’s ago, i had no idea what CSS, PHP, or RSS was. I still don’t know but i feel confident that i can learn some of it. As you keep working on web stuff you will keep learning new thing to improve your webmastering skills. If i can do it, so can you. My biggest money maker is CJ. A portion of my CJ earnings is a direct result of the personal support i offered to a reader/blogger. If you are willing to help people, you’re business will grow faster and you will build a more solid base.

5 thoughts on “Make it personal when your site is new

  1. Karl Erfurt

    Wow, you’re doing pretty well to have a few hundred a month at only 7 weeks. I’ve been at it for eight months now and revenues are practically nil (I’m actually making more with paid surveys that with the blog at this point, much to my chagrin). But then again, I haven’t really monetized my blog much either, other than sprinkling in a few affiliate links here and there.

    Your comments about CJ are interesting; I’ve sometimes wondered if people were making any real money with them. I have been mostly trying to promote Clickbank stuff and making some sporadic sales while learning about the whole bum marketing thing. But perhaps I should look at Commission Junction also because it might open up some new markets.

  2. Shaun

    Yeah thats good advice, like you i have only just started my blog/website. I make a point of replying to all emails and comments and also visiting the sites of people who comment and try to return the favour.

    I’ve found Entrecard to be a cool way of finding new sites to socialise with.

  3. Nick

    Noob, totally agree with you – I’m still trying to get my head around php and css, totally crazy stuff!

    But, I have found tons of resources available that have helped me a lot and most of these have been blogs.
    Entrecard has boosted my traffic and even though I haven’t really started publishing my posts ‘full-time’ I’m getting great results.
    But, I planned it that way and I suppose (and hopeful) that the rest of the plan will unfold as it should! lol.

  4. the noob Post author

    karlerfurt- thanks karl. i’ve seen your blog and i think you have a nice blog there. you have a highly coveted google pr. u think paid surveys is worth your time? i want to tap into more affiliate income. paid posting is solid but affiliate could turn passive quick.

    shaun- entrecard sends me some good traffic, but the best is from personal net relationships that form by visiting and commenting and replying to each visitor. impossible when the site grows but in the beginning, you have to hold on to your visitors.

    nick- i think as long as we keep working on our sites, they will grow. money will follow.

  5. Adrian Keys

    In the early days (not too long ago) I did a lot of Linkshare…tons of people clicking through but very few purchases…

    I think traffic is the key but also trust…even if people are clicking through to third party pages…they still have to feel comfortable with their point of entry…

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