Make money blog circle jerk

kiss-ass.jpgI hate make money online blogs. True, my blog is a make money blog, but doesn’t mean that i have to like other blogs in my niche. Besides, i hate my blog too. It sucks just as much as chow’s blog. The reason i feel this way is cause of the big fat circle jerk. Bloggers in my niche have cliques. In these cliques, only a few actually make real money. The rest all just suck ass to the top guys. I don’t suck up to these guys, but i still can’t stand my own blog. It’s cause bloggernoob is a make money online blog and make money online blogs suck.

The obvious king of the make money blog kingdom is the chow. Problogger has a more popular blog, but i’ll focus on the chowster as my example. Beneath johnchow there are a lot of medium size blogs. They all suck his arse. They link to each other and help each other promote each others’ blogs. This works out well for chow and the few guys who regularly pay for his ads. But for noobies that worship his blog, it’s a waste of time. You won’t get into his circle unless you pay up. And if you’re a regular reader of his blog, you’re sure to get some bullshit advice. You’ll join programs that only profit the chowster. It’s not only a waste of time, it’s a rip off.

They all push the same affiliates. They make money off of the same noobie bloggers. This micro economy is supported by newbie bloggers. Bloggers that don’t quit within the first three months will move on to other blogs. They’ll stop visiting johnchow and the blogs written by his bitches. They move on cause they realize that it doesn’t help them make any money. When they leave, a new batch of noobies enter the game. This is how the economy runs. It’s much like a poker game. When the fish lose all his money, you need more fish to keep the game going. If only the 3 best players are left, you can’t continue the game. Make money blogs can only make money when new noobies enter this niche.

From what i can tell, johnchow and shoemoney are about even. That’s why they compete with each other for RSS subscriptions and help promote each others blog for free. Zacjohnchow is maybe the xo. He isn’t at chow’s level, but still in high position. Tylercruz is one of bitches. So is winningtheweb. I’ve seen this bloggers spend a lot of money advertising on chow’s blog. They paid to enter this circle jerk.

The make money online niche will continue to grow so long as new bloggers enter this niche. In order to promote their blogs, they will look to johnchow. They will pay him and they will join affiliates under him.

It’s starting to look a lot like a pyramid scheme. I entered this niche with high hopes. I think i got all excited cause i saw shoe’s google check from 2005. I was stupid for believing the stuff i read on johnchow. Had i known the real workings of this niche, i wouldn’t have started this blog.

An internet marketer sets up a new site or scam. He pays johnchow to review the scam in a positive light. Legions of idiot bloggers join that program thinking that it will make them rich. Chow gets paid, the scammer gets paid. But, the hundreds that signed up are out 100 bucks. This happened with milliondollarwiki. What a terrible scam. Only reason it worked was cause johnchow was pushing it for commissions.

The fact about making money online is this. The guys that make the big bucks, are usually scammers. Or they are pushing scam like programs. That’s why i try to avoid the major blogs. They will push programs that only benefit the circle jerk. It’s similar to stock brokers pushing shit stocks for the higher commissions. People who read these blogs will get scammed. If you join the circle jerk, you’ll probably make some dollars. But, you need to pay for a few of those overpriced ads to enter. But there is a limit. That group can’t get too large, or the split in profit will get too low.

I have pretty much given up on this niche. I think i will continue to make over $1000/month with this blog, but i’m not trying to get rich off of it. I’m telling you guys this cause i don’t want you guys to feel disappoint. Do what you will with my observations. Note that i really have nothing to lose, or gain from this post. I just hope that i can anger a few of these make money dorks.

16 thoughts on “Make money blog circle jerk

  1. zawadi

    I laughed out loud before I could finish reading lol.
    “They’ll stop visiting johnchow and the blogs written by his bitches” lmao

    I appreciate your honesty. Not many make money blogs will do this. Tell you the truth. Problogger will do it. Making money online is not as easy as new bloggers think.

    I was a regular visitor on J Chows blog. I would rather read newer blogs with people just starting out and see how they are doing. It’s more real for me.

    Chow is good to read to get you going as far as his free ebook. The John Cow site is pretty and a place to laugh.

    Good post, made me laugh today lol. ty for the Honesty.

  2. Lyndon

    I think that’s one of the best descriptions of what goes on in the money making blogging world.

    I wish more of the money making sites were as honest as you are! But then, how would they make money :-)

  3. Carl does SEO

    A very real post, well done. The thing is though, 4 sites like this puts you into six figure earnings. You know how its done now, and you know how much effort is involved, so I don’t see why you couldn’t duplicate this over and over again.

  4. Donald

    Very interesting, I have been around this business for many years now. I only dabble but have never taken it to seriously. I have made some money but nothing to talk about.

    What you write about is real and good for the new blogger. I think you should write an e-book and start spreading the word. Set up an affiliate program for it. I’m sure there are many of us out there that will endorse this book.

    Nice Work.

  5. the noob Post author

    zawadi- i’m glad that you were entertained with my post. I actually had fun writing it. πŸ˜‰ usually make money online posts aren’t so fun to write.

    lyndon- thanks, you are right, honestly doesn’t make money in this business. in fact, that hold true for a lot of businesses. I actually own a vitamin shop in los angeles, believe me, alot of scamming going on in that industry too. big time placebo

    carl des seo- thanks, you’re right. If i have 4 sites like this, i could probably quit my day job. only thing tho…it would be hard to set up four sites like this. A lot of work. I would have to devote full time hours. not sure if im ready to make that jump yet.

    grademoney- hopefully it does, but then again, my blog might make less. let’s keep this on the downlow. πŸ˜‰ pyramid, circle jerk…you say tomatoe, i say tomato

    donald- thanks a lot for your kind words. I thought about doing an ebook, but right now, i think it wouldn’t be a wise investment of my time. when my blog grows a bit more, i might. but i won’t sell it. I’ll give it out for free.

  6. Forest Parks

    Are you trying to get to number one in Google for Make Money Online?

    Nice strategy. I tell ya what, i’ll give you a blogroll link on my PR3 blog and have the words make money online, pointing to that post. You purchased an ad from me once and have since said they did not help you so always felt bad about that so take that as a fair exchange to alleviate my guilt :)

    Also, I will be looking at finding some Micro Niche Finder terms for you to try out today.

    I really think that you and everyone could benefit from the program and obviously am trying to get people to use my affiliate link. If you buy it and don’t like it they have a full 60day money back guarantee but I am confident that unless not used correctly that no one would return it.

  7. the noob Post author

    forest- haha, yeah. Not #1, but on the first or second page at least. It’s working, i’ve moved up three pages since last week. Thanks forest, i really appreciate your link love. πŸ˜‰

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  10. Puneet

    ur very right frd .. many newbie bloggers jumps into blogging by reading big daddy blogs .. and after some period they loose … and then some more newbies enter the game .. i had also thought about blogging but m never into make money only via blogging .. i hate the affiliate links used in blog posts … earning via other niches are best to get some rather then wasting time and money into here.

  11. the noob Post author

    puneet- yup, it’s a giant poker game. the money is there so long as newbies keep entering the game. i agree. niche blogging is a heck of a lot better then make money online blogging.

    ocean- i prefer the word sinister. but yeah doesn’t look right. πŸ˜‰

  12. Kandis Sera

    Nicely written post, enjoyed the read. You can also add the code ‘BONUSCODE69’ when signing upto filltiltpoker for upto a $600 Bonus :)

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