Make Money Blog Domain Tournament Round 2

domaintournamentround2.jpgSome big upsets in my make money blog domain tournament. The domain that got the most votes stomped on the domain that received the least amount of votes in the qualifier. Pretty exciting(dorky) stuff. Anyway, i will continue doing these domain tournaments so if you want to enter, make sure you are subscribed to my RSS feed. Here goes the second round. Let the domains begin.









25 thoughts on “Make Money Blog Domain Tournament Round 2

  1. Pete Moore

    Hey Noob,

    There’s no doubt you have an eye for a good picture.

    Contests not too shabby either, especially as I got through lol.


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    Definitely feeling a quart low….No love in round one. Disappointing first round exit for Tommy. Maybe I should have went with irregardless of the spelling snafu…LOL


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  5. the noob Post author

    pete- i guess you are also a fan of beautiful women.

    rob- are those your domains? be sure to enter them in my next tournament.

    onequartlow- haha. tommy, you like to refer to yourself in the third person. i do too :)

  6. the noob Post author

    bobzilla- good job. not doing so well this round. but ur dot co dot uk domain did better then expected :) hope you had fun bob

    pete- of course not. it’s guy code. never tell the missus :)

  7. Bobzilla

    noob – maybe not as good but it’s not over quite yet. I fear a last minute voting rush may kill me off but its neck and neck at the moment :)

  8. the noob Post author

    bob- i just realized that you entered two domains. i wanted to keep the domain contest open for a lot of people so i didn’t want one person to enter more then one domain name. but i didn’t do a good job of stating the rules. but next time. please only enter one domain. thanks.

    both your domains are in a tight matchup. both neck and neck. good luck bob. :)

  9. Bobzilla

    Here I only entered one of them! The other I said I didn’t want entered.

    To be honest I haven’t actually been voting on this as it defeats the purpose so it wasn’t until you mentioned that that I realised. Oops :S

    I don’t suppose its to late to let make the wisdombeginsinwonder lose? Should probably have picked that up during the knockout stage but I was only looking out for theapochrypha :S

  10. the noob Post author

    bob- haha. oh my bad. i’m sorry. i think you mentioned that earlier. my mistake. sorry. let’s not worry about it until we get to the final four. if both your domain on left. then i’ll make wisdonbeginsinwonder lose. 😉

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  13. the noob Post author

    b4me- well it’s simple actually. u submit your domain by typing it into my comments. then i put them up for voting. i break it down into head to head matches, and last domain standing is the winner. :)

    bobzilla- :) not always the case, but you’re a good sport.

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    Does this will fix?

    I’m scared a few sales of my portfolio of domains, needs to be done? Send my portfolio, if you’re interested in any domain, as I have a $ 60 starting price …. os $ 50 game that does not reach more than $ 200 at auction
    . this is chaos!

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