Make Money Blog Elite Eight Domains

domain-tournament.jpgWe are left with 8 domains. Seems like the domains that got the most votes in the qualifier are the ones that are losing in the head to head match ups. I’m having fun with this domain tournament and i hope you guys are too. For my next domain tournament, i would like to make it big. I’ll add a dollar for every entrant. Help me promote this domain tournament. The more people who enter, the bigger the prize. It’ll be a lot more fun too. Imagine if there were 128 entrants? Anyway, let the domains begin!





8 thoughts on “Make Money Blog Elite Eight Domains

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  2. Jason

    Ouch lol, didn’t even know when it ended, would have given it a plug on my blog if I did. :(

    Ah well, good luck to whoever’s left! 😛

  3. the noob Post author

    wade- you’re welcome

    jared- is rewardpennies ur domain? combine the two domains?

    jason- yeah. it’s a fast tourney.

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