Make money blog has PR 2

pr.jpgIt took 6 months to get it, but i don’t mind. I actually didn’t need it to monetize my site. But now that i have it, i like having it. I honestly didn’t think that google would ever give my “make money blogging” blog a page rank. I thought this blog would remain a PR 0 blog. Not exactly sure when it happened, but i’m happy about it. It’s not a big deal, but since it was unexpected, i thought i’d write about it.

I think the pagerank update occured a few days ago. I’m finding that more of my individual posts are cataloged with google. My site comes up higher in popular search terms like “make money blogging.” (currently bloggernoob sites on the front page of google for this term)

I will continue to write paid plugs. In fact, i’ve been getting more posting opportunities. My private ads will surely sell easier.

I was a bit bitter about the alexa update. My blog went from 50k to 150k. Not good. But my PR 2 makes up for that mess.

I think PR is an important measuring tool for webmasters. It’s the most covetted. I won’t fear it tho. I plan on continuing what i’ve been always doing. If i lose my PR in the next update, it’ll suck, but i won’t change my style or monetization methods in fear of losing my pagerank. I think this is important.

This also feels good cause i didn’t have to pass up on the easy money of paid plugs. I know a lot of bloggers who avoided such programs cause they wanted PR. Well guys, looks like making money is the most important thing for “make money online” blogs. Don’t listen to bloggers who talk a lot of bull. Try out things for yourself. No blogger, knows the ins and outs of google. Don’t believe all the hype of so called google masters. Don’t listen to those SEO experts. Just keep trying out new things and you’ll probably surpass these dorks in web knowledge.

14 thoughts on “Make money blog has PR 2

  1. Deb

    Hm. It’s showing a zero on my toolbar. But, I’m a computer tard so this could be incorrect info. However, they might have knocked you back down for not cleaning your room or eating your broccoli. Or for those indecent photos you are displaying.

  2. Ben Barden

    Well I’m now on PR4. 😛 But congrats. 😉

    Seriously, my site’s been around for a couple of years but the blogging tips have only been running since Nov 07. I think I was on PR3 when I started the tips.

  3. the noob Post author

    murad- hopefully i can keep my pr. cause u better believe imma keep doing these sell out posts.

    ben barden- pr4 awesome!

    2thepoint- thanks

    desmond- awesome!

    php ajax blog- wow, a fiver. good job!

    witchypoo- yup, monkeys. we’re like 96 percent monkey aren’t we. as far as genetic code

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