Make money blog link contest update

50.jpgI’m running a make money blog link contest. All i ask if that you link to my blog and you are entered. I’ll add a dollar to the pot every time someone enters. I think currently there are only around 11 people that entered. I’m looking for some last min entrants. I will pay out a minimum of $50 so it’ll be worth your while. Even tho less then 50 people enter, i’ll still pay one winner fifty bucks. Not bad right. Just link to this make money blog and leave me a comment with a link to your post. I’ll check to verify and you’re entered. I will select the winner in 12 hours. Enter now you last min shoppers!

14 thoughts on “Make money blog link contest update

  1. eastcoastlife

    I added you to my blogroll.

    Thanks so much for your review on my blog. I would like to make money from my blog too. I’m learning as much as I can but I’m not absorbing as much as I should. hehe….

    There are some really cool people, like you, in Entrecard and they are so willing to offer advice and help. Thanks.

  2. KiwiPulse

    I’m in! I added you to my Featured Sites. For the next contest, I suggest you put a deadline. Because people like to expect when they can win. Also they will come back to your blog to see any news about the contest. Good Luck Everyone! 😀

    KiwiPulse // Rock Your World

  3. edwin

    ok i want to take participate. previously someone review my blog and say ‘you should put something meaningful on you blogroll'(i leave wordpress default blogroll).

    so now will the first in my blogroll!

    *currently i received 45,000 impression according to my adsense account.

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  5. the noob Post author

    yes chica is the winner. thanks for enterting. if you didn’t win this time, don’t fret, i hold many contests and you’re sure to win one of em.

    a few of you put my links in your blogroll or post and then removed them shortly after i announced the winner. i will keep a note of you and make sure you can’t enter any future contests. that’s kind of like cheating right? i check each and every link to make sure they are valid. make it fair on ther entrants.

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