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links1.jpgIt’s a lazy Saturday and i’m in sunny California. I wanted to do some link building. I mentioned several times how important it is to build up links for you blog. It’s important for search engine index and it’s important for padding your blog stats. It’s also important for keyword authority. You can trade links in forums or by visiting blogs that you like and emailing the blog owner for the trade. You can also build links by holding contests. I will hold on contest. I like to try to make my contest fun, so i’ll try something new out. I will offer a black check as the prize. Meaning, you guys will determine the amount of the prize. For every link received, i’ll add a dollar to the prize pool. If 40 people enter this contest and link to my make money blog, i’ll pay 40 bucks to one lucky winner. If 400 people enter this contest, i’ll pay out $400 bucks. The sky is the limit.

EDIT- since not a lot of people have entered, i wanted to spice things up and say thanks for all of you who did. I will set the minimum prize at $50 dollars. Even if no one else enters, i’ll pay one lucky winner fifty bucks! thanks all who entered and hopefully this will get a few more entrants. If not, it’s fine, i want to give some money away to my readers. :)

How to enter? I like to keep my contests simple so you won’t be required much. Just mention this contest, and link to AKA “Make Money Blog” then leave me a comment with a link to where you put it. Easy right? Good luck and i dare you to make me payout large. I don’t like waiting for prizes, so i’ll make the contest short. A few days tops, I can’t let it go over a 1000 obviously. You don’t want bloggernoob dot com to go broke do you?

I repeat the contest rules.

1. Link to

2. Mention this contest

3. Leave me a comment with a link to that link.

4. Use any anchoring text you like. “learn to blog” “make money blog” “make money online” “john chow sucks” “bloggernoob sucks” “make money blogs suck” I don’t want the mighty hands of google to punish me. Thanks to the griz at make money online for beginners and Chris at SEO and blogging for the heads up.

*Only 1 post/link per blogger please. I’m no Oprah.*

I’ll choose one random winner using a and post the results. Good luck guys.

42 thoughts on “Make money blog link contest

  1. the noob Post author

    helen- yeah the post is great. one thing tho. i left a comment on your blog, can you change the anchoring text from bloggernoob to “make money blog” thanks.

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  5. Grizzly

    Hi Noob,

    Just thought I would mention that you should be careful about being Google bombed – this is what happened to john chow – too many links, too fast and all using the same anchor text will send flags up at Google and if they do a manual review and see your post you could get penalized. They will see this as manipulation and as paid links – neither good in their eyes. Have people use different keywords and you shouldn’t get noticed.

  6. the noob Post author

    thanks guys for entering my humble contest. not a lot of people have entered so i wanted to give it a boost to juice up the contest. i will be giving out a minimum of $50 to the lucky winner. Even if only 8 people enter, the minimum will be fifty bucks!

    griz- thanks for the heads up. i’ve received a few emails from other bloggers regarding this issue. and i’ve made an edit. thanks again griz for dropping by.

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  9. the noob Post author

    the winner is chica. thanks to everyone who entered. and thanks to all you last min entrants. and for some of you who missed the deadline, don’t worry cause i hold a lot of random contests here on bloggernoob. just keep checking this blog.

    NOTE- some of you put a link and then removed it right away. shame on you. i’ll keep a note of you guys and make sure your entries aren’t counted. you know who you are! I do check everybody’s link to make it fair for people who honestly enter.

  10. the noob Post author

    seedsforwealth- too bad you missed this contest seeds. thanks for the compliment! yeah money always helps. :)

    kristin- thanks a bunch kristin. you are very very kind!

  11. paul123

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