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winner.jpgI’ve just finished my lunch and i have to go visit some more bridal shops. But before i do i wanted to announced the winner of the make money blog link contest winner. Drum roll please….And the winner of the first annual make money blog link contest is….Chica. Come on down and claim your prize. $50 ain’t too bad right? Anyway, thanks guys for entering the contest. And thanks to the last min shoppers for entering at the last min. I hope a lot of wacky contests so be sure to come back. I do random contests and electronic contest so keep a look out. I also try to write some useful content once and again. Chica, you won my random winner contest too right? You making some nice cash off of my blog. See, you really do make money by reading my blog. :)

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  3. the noob Post author

    chica- congrats.

    wozog- yeah you missed out. don’t worry tho, i hope a bunch of contest. guess you have to come back :)

    killian- don’t be jealous, get even. win the next one.

    ryan- you won the mp3 right ryan. did u gift that prize or you using it?

    kiwi- thanks for the contest tips. i’ll try to be more organized and prepared for my next contest.

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