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organized.jpgI’m have my own method of organization. The conventional worker bee might think me to be disorganized, but that is totally not true. I have my own system. Something that looks like a messy pile or envelopes and scratch paper is actually a systematically filed work space. It’s for security purposes. I do it cause i don’t want blogger spies to steal my shit. Can’t steal what you can’t find.

All joking aside, i know i that i have to improve my organization methods. With internet ventures, the files are exponential. I have hundreds if not thousands of passwords, codes, domains, urls, and paychecks to account for. I need to develop a better system. While i was in LA, i couldn’t work on a few of my blogs cause i didn’t remember my passwords. At my noobcave, i have all of the pwords loaded on my browser. All i need to do is punch in my master pword. I love firefox! But the bad thing was, i didn’t bring my pword sheet with me to LA. I forgot to include that file in my portable hard drive. I feel so stupid. At least, for my next trip, i’ll be better equipped. And next time, i’ll be more organized.

This is what i plan to do. Make a list of important info and create a master folder. Create sub folders by website. I’ll include all relevant info for each website. I’ll also make an affiliates folder and include all affiliates stuff in there. I’ll then do one for wordpress. Then another folder for logins. etc. I used to use the desktop search, but as i add more files, i find that a lot repeat results show up. I think doing it manually will become faster. Or i should start putting more specific labels.

What are some of the the methods you guys use to file all the web documents? Instead of reinventing the wheel, i should listen to some of your organization methods. I know some of you are seasoned veterans of this blogging game.

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  1. Chica

    I know all my passwords by heart, and if I can’t remember a newer one, then firefox does it for me. As for filing web documents, I’m not sure what ya mean by that. For me I file all my images, and none of the posts.

  2. the noob Post author

    chica- u have one heck of a brain. or heart to be able to remember all. i get firefox to do it for me too. but when i’m away from my noobcave, what do i do. i don’t want to put all the pwords in my laptop, incase it gets lost or stolen. web documents, invoices, payment slips, draft posts, writing notes, affiliate codes, referral links, etc. anything dealing with my websites.

  3. Raven

    I’ve been using RoboForm for some time now and considering the over 225 logins I have it keeps them all handy. The encryption has been rated pretty decent and it does have a security function to get around keyloggers too. It also has a mobile edition that can be loaded on a U3 enabled flash drive so your password are always handle for when you hit the road.

  4. Raven

    Now I know why I read my posts over 20 times before publishing .. my brain is quicker then my typing and at times I write words like “handle” when my brain was thinking “handy”. At least its enough to get my point across. Joy!

  5. the noob Post author

    raven- roboform. i must check it out. thanks for the info. that’s cool, cause i have U# flash drives. coolness. haha 20 times over is a lot! amazing that you still have time to write when you’re so busy reading. it’s all good, u have a fast brain. ur fingers can’t keep up. no worries, i make typos all the time.

  6. Chica

    My only secret is using the same password, but scrambling it and adding or taking away numbers in the password, it’s really a simple thing. I am the most forgetful person too! :)

  7. the noob Post author

    chica- ahh. thanks for telling me ur secret. i don’t want to go and change all of my pwords, but for new programs, i’ll use this method. :)

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