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nerds.jpgRemember the Rat pack? Or the Brat pack? The Rat pack included Sinatra, Martin, and Sammy. The Brat pack had the Estevez brothers and Rob Lowe. These cliques always stared in the same movies together. They ran around the same parties and sucked each other WooHahas. It was all a marketing scheme back then and it’s all a marketing(pyramid scheme) now. I now introduce the Make money blog pack. This clique includes shoemoney, johnchow, and a few other dorks. Only guys i’ve heard of are shoe and john. But anyway, shoe and a few of his dork friends have made some ninja video lesson thing. They’re charging blue collar bloggers $3,000 to watch these youtube type videos on how to make money online. That’s right…three thousand dollars. I don’t think they’ll make much off of it cause obvious they must be some sort of pricing mistake. What kind of idiot blogger is going to pay $3,000 for video lectures about making money online? I think a review on johnchow for 450 dollars is a waste but this takes the cake. At least a johnchow review will get you some temporary traffic. (i can’t believe i’m defending john’s paid reviews)

Don’t fall for the hype. I think my readers don’t make enough with their blogs to even consider such a scheme but you never know. $3,000 why not just buy a blog that makes $300 a month with that money. Sometimes i just don’t get it. I thought people who supposedly make money online were smart. But i guess even tech/net savvy individuals fall for the good old fashioned penis enlargement pill scheme. Speaking of penis enlargment schemes, subscribe to my RSS feed and your penis or boobies will grow.

3 thoughts on “Make money blog pack

  1. Justin Dupre

    HAHAHA… the last comment. I hate you.

    Honestly, if you have 3,000 dollars you are spending for your blog, you probably got it from your blog. Chances are you already know how to make money. Fucking rat pack!

    Justin Dupre

  2. blargumentor

    They dont tell you the real secret in the video– how to make your blog make your penis bigger.

    Plus, if they’re charging 3k to watch the video on how to make money, they’re likely not saying anything worth value on their blog!

    Plus2, Sweet revenge of the nerds..snort snort :)

  3. the noob Post author

    justin dupre- i think people jump the gun with websites cause it’s such a low cost business. Retail operations cost a min of 50k to start. Even small mom and pop shops need this much capital to start. But a web business could me set up for thousands, even hundreds…so that why noobs over pay for useless stuff. That’s why johnchow and shoemoney are so rich. They make money off of noobs. stupid noobs.

    blargumentors- yup. why would they tell you the real secrets. And are there any real secrets. good point about selective info. those blogs are like informercials. a lot of repeat info. 90 percent marketing and 10 percent info. i love revenge of the nerds. “just call me booger!”

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