Make Money Blog PMP Contest!

iriver2.jpgI asked you guys to decide the prize for my next contest about a month ago. The obvious choice was the iriver PMP. So Here it is guys. I like to keep my contests simple. So i won’t require you to do much to enter the contest. Just help me get the word out about this contest. Write about my blog. Link to my homepage and link to the contest post. I will end the contest on Feb 29th. Since it is a leap year, i figured it would be cool to give out a special treat. The beauty of this contest is that it’ll end soon and one lucky winner will have 20 gb of movies and music to enjoy while they are on the road. This iriver was a showcase item at my electronics store. It’s was used only as a display. I would keep it for myself but my future wife bought me an iphone for Christmas.

iriver3.jpgIt has 12 more gigs of memory then my 8 gb iphone! Anyone can enter. If the winner resides outside of the United States, the shipping fee might be high, so you can either pay for the shipping or i’ll give you a cash payout of $100 instead.

iriver.jpgThis iriver is currently selling on amazon for $249.95. I usually select a random winner, but for this prize, i want to switch it up a bit. I will select the winner after reading all of the reviews of my make money blog. I’ll grade each review on a scale from 1-10. When you write the review, makes some suggestion to make my blog better. Whoever writes the best review and makes the best suggestions will win this iriver PMP.

pmp.jpgThe prize includes the power adaptor, carry case, usb cable, and the iriver portable media player. The player runs on mobile windows. It plays mp3 and wmv files. I have quite a few movie already loaded on the player.

How to enter

1. Write a review of bloggernoob dot com. Mention the contest and make suggestions about how to make my blog better. Don’t kiss my arse!

2. Link to with any anchoring text.

3. Link to and mention the contest.

4. Leave me a comment with the link to the review post.

Viola! You’re entered! Thanks and good luck guys. I do these type of contests all the time on bloggernoob dot com. You should subscribe to my RSS feed to get in on the action. If you have any questions, feel free to ask it in the comments section below.

47 thoughts on “Make Money Blog PMP Contest!

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  2. Chica

    Nice contest there Noober, but I don’t want one of those lol. I can mention in in a future post though, to get a couple more peeps over here for ya. :)

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  6. the noob Post author

    contesthub- thanks. i’ll inform you of my other contests.

    bendz- thanks. you are entered.

    chica- thanks chica. i’m glad u changed your mind about the contest. or rather, i’m glad ur hubby changed ur mind for ya! good luck.

    contestmaster- thanks contestmaster.

    myblogcontest- thanks. i’ll be sure to notify you of future contests.

    raven- thanks for your creative attempt. thanks for checking my blog during your lunch time. :)

    chica- haha. the almighty hubby rules! and thanks for the review. i’ll take note ur suggestions. i have to label my sidebar better soon.

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  18. Porfirio Frieson

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