Make money blog random winner 3

randomwinner.jpgI do this thing on my blog where i randomly pick one reader from my comments and pay them 5 bucks. Like the title says, it’s random. I do it when i’m bored and i usually do it after to do a few paid posts. I guess i like to do some good after i whore my blog out with useless ads. Anyway, today’s make money blog random winner is Chica. Come on down! You will have 24 hours to collect your money or i will be forced to select another winner. Email me your paypal email and i’ll send you your winnings most urgently. Congrats Chica! If you want to be a future make money blog random winner, just read my blog. Oh yeah you have to let me know that you’re a reader by leaving a comment. Please don’t spam. If you like my blog, please subscribe to my RSS feed.

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