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rosario.jpgOk. I know you have to suck it up every once and again. Blogging isn’t that glorious and because visitors’ identities are hidden, you’ll occasionally get some rude or unflattering comment. I don’t mind it. If someone were to leave me a very clever comment that basically said i sucked, i wouldn’t mind at all. So long as it was entertaining or interesting to read. But If you leave something that is boring and you’re trying to dis me on my blog…imma have to dis you back.

Some people make suggestions to help me improve my blog. I actually welcome constructive criticism. But it gets annoying to hear certain things over and over again. I’ve been told a few times that my blog doesn’t seem professional. Well HELLO, i’m not a pro. I’m still a noob, hence bloggernoob dot com. The whole point is to not look too professional. Also, how do i make my make money blog for noobs look professional? I’m a noob! Noobs aren’t professional. It’s like telling a gangsta rapper to look more professional. How? By wearing a white suit like Puff Daddy? Forget it.

Also, most of the people who make suggestions have pretty crappy blogs. I read the suggestion and then i go over to their site. I see that it sucks and nobody visits that blog. What am i suppose to do…listen to you?? It’s like getting dieting advice from someone fatter then you. Doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m no pro but i think i understand how a blog works.

I have a creepy baby logo as my branding image. Unprofessional and creepy? That’s my concept. I seem to be popular on entrecard and i think this baby face(the noob) is pretty recognizable. Also, i shouldn’t put celebrity photos on my posts? Why not? Should i only put dollar signs and pictures of people wearing suits shaking hands? Most make money blog posts are boring, so i figure looking at a picture of a beautiful person makes reading my post a little more easy on the eyes.

Lastly, blogging isn’t that professional. It’s more Star Magazine as opposed to Time magazine. It’s the National Enquirer not Forbes. So don’t tell me about professionalism and make money blogging.

That felt good. Nothing like a nice afternoon rant to get my juices flowing. Honestly tho. I really appreciate all the support, suggestions, and criticisms you guys have given me. Even tho this post seemed a bit militant, i don’t mean it. I’m just a big baby. Please excuse this rant. It’s my blog and i can cry if i want to. I set up this blog so i can rant and make some money online.

14 thoughts on “Make money blog rant

  1. kmcgra

    I love the baby face! The first time I saw it, I thought the babe was picking his/her nose! Made me make a double take! …and that is the key to make it stand out.

  2. Stephan Miller

    Great post. Professionalism, to me, is great to show respect, but most times it seems to cover up. If fact, the more professional a person seems to me, the more I wonder if he beats his wife, is a cross dresser, or has a massive coke habit hidden somewhere.

  3. Allyn Paul

    the pics of Charliexe Theron (or however you spell it) those are what I like!
    I’d really love some pics of Brit Spear’s pot belly though, that would be great, thx.

  4. Susan

    I got a good laugh from your blog today. I’m a noob too! I love your avatar and your blog! I’m not sure my opinion matters though because I’m not a professional! hehehehe

  5. Justin

    Only comment on the look of the site is that you did say in one of your posts on mistakes of 2007, “Then after a couple of months, use your earning to invest in a unique theme.” I believes it has been a few months and you have some earnings so perhaps a theme upgrade is in order? As for the pictures I guess they are fine, sometimes they aren’t relative very much but whatever. One thing that would be nice with the pictures is to have the text wrap around them instead of having them just above the article, you know what I mean?

  6. black.pixie

    I do have a lil question, is your assumption that most of the visitors to your site are men? I say this because you do have quite a few pics of women.

    I’m a woman, and seeing a pic of Kiera Knightley’s nipple does nothing for me.

  7. witchypoo

    I’m with black pixie on this one. When I see perky boobs, it only reminds me that I have to lift mine to wash my knees. But I’m not bitter.

  8. the noob Post author

    kmcgra- i think so too!. glad ur with me on that.

    menopauseprincess- haha. noobette

    stephan miller- totally agree with you there

    allyn paul- brit used to be such a hottie. she’s still cute, she shouldn’t wear those outfits now tho. maybe she should start shopping at lane bryant or something

    lemeinterpretyourdreams- i love the noob

    susan- you’re cool susan. and ur opinion matters. unless u say bad things about me. haha

    justin- hmmm. this is the upgraded theme…i guess you think it doesn’t look professional…not a fan of text wrap. i like it like floating centered on top. thats just me. ur suggestion is noted

    black pixie- should i put more pictures of brad pit, johnny depp, and will smith?

    witchypoo- haha. ur funny witchypoo. ok ok i’ll put some shirtless pics of hot men up for you gals

  9. danandmarsh

    I really like the winners page pictures, LoL, pretty clever idea, from one noob to another noob!! Keep up the clever ideas!! LOL, pretty soon you won’t be a noob anymore!!!

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