Make money blog scratch back 2

backtothefuture.jpgSorry for the delay guys. Been busy with shopping and bill paying and etc. Not a very good excuse is it? Let me try again…I was on my way home when i stopped by my friend’s house. My friend is a scientist and he has this car. Looks like a 1987 Honda Accord hatchback. Something about a flux capacitor and 88 mph and radio active elements. Anyway i was tied up for the past couple weeks. But wait is no more, here are the scratch backs.

Moneyandblogs dot com– First off, let me say that if you’re serious about making money online with you blog, you best be getting your own domain and hosting. Doesn’t cost that much people. I feel like a broken record. Anyway, back to the review. The blogger, Justin, is a youngin who is trying to make a name for himself. I think the content on his blog is pretty good. The blog looks too generic tho. Screams blogspot. You can still customize blogspot blogs. But don’t waste time doing that, get your own hosting and domain and do the customization there. The blogger is daring and willing to try a lot of new thing(i respect that). He dissed me for some attention and he got it. That’s a sign of a good internet marketer.

canwepayu– Another Blogspot blog, :( i won’t repeat myself. I like the blogger, black pixie. He’s raw and has a unique(i don’t give a shit) voice. Very Eddie Murphy in the 80s. I like the simple look of this blog, nice spacing and i’m also a sucker for white background. Reminds me of Christmas snow. I would recommend posting a little bit more frequently. And i’m not sure what the blog is about, so maybe picking a niche or a nice setup sentence in the header.

theblogentrepreneur– Great design, nice content, updated daily, what more could a blog reader ask for. Not sure if i can recommend anything in particular…but i can’t be too nice so here i go. Maybe you should cut down on the ads in your posts. Or change them up cause i’ve had to scroll down to skip your ad to continue reading your post. Maybe using ads as text link would be more useful? Just my two cents. Nice domain name, a bit lengthy but memorable.

reallifenoob– Similar in concept to my blog. Noob! Some fun reads and it’s nice to see that it’s updated often. Even tho it’s a blogspot blog, i like the simple design. There are ads, but those ads are not too overwhelming. Doing the whole no no follow thing which is coo. Kissed my ass when i asked for a back scratch. :) i appreciate it fellow noob.

moolahking– Moolahking has a very refreshing, no bullshit type of style. I really like it. He seems to hate johnchow’s blog. Went with a nice wordpress theme and great spacing of ads and content. I recommend a header image, a branding icon or something. It would make the blog more recognizable. Keep up the good work.

ciao9to5– Doing really well with his blog. Site design is so fresh and so clean. Writing multiple daily posts…hard work but should pay off soon. Content is good. Honest with his readers and shares his experience as his blog grows. Good strategy. keep up the good work.

Thanks guys for scratching my back. If you scratched my back and didn’t get scratched in return, please let me know in the comments below. I followed your links but a couple were missing or no longer there.

9 thoughts on “Make money blog scratch back 2

  1. black.pixie

    Hey you, I’m a woman. Very much so.

    Thanks for the back scratch though!

    Yeah, I know, I know, I WILL move it over to its own domain when I can afford it.

    You might have been looking at the old layout ‘cos it doesn’t have a white background anymore and it’s now called ‘God Ain’t Got Money Problems’, looking more at the personal wealth area (though the url is still ‘canwepayu’).

    When I set it up all those months ago, I wasn’t really sure which way I wanted it to go so I just spent most of the time meta-blogging.

    But now, I feel I’ve found my nichey niche niche especially from a personal point of view. However, I don’t plan to update it incessantly as I have 1 or 2 other blogs as well as a life .

    Did I say I’m proud of ya? I’ve been passing by your blog from its infancy. I’m very proud of the porgress it’s made. Wishing you even bigger success in ’08, nooby noob.

    You take care…

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  3. the noob Post author

    will- no problem will.

    black.pixie- my bad. i feel so embarassed. cat got my tongue. ur sense of humor is so raw i asuumed it was from a guy’s perspective. awesome. you’re like kim waynes. thanks for all your support! you wrote about me back in the day. i really appreciate that.

    drburst- ummm. did u give me a crappy review? :)

  4. black.pixie

    No probs, King of Noobs. I’ve been a man in my dream once though, it was reeeaaaly guuuud. But I like the gender I decided to come to this life with.

    Women (and men) come in all shades of humour, didntcha know?

    take care and hope the first 4 days of ’08 have been a blast for you.

  5. Moolahking


    Ahhh…Finally you scratch my itchy back though..Hahahahaha..And yeah i hate John Chow.. :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, noob..Appreciate that..

    Anyway, wait for my next post on your Alexa rating, noob..It will be the love and hate things..Muahahaha…

  6. Justin Dupre

    thanks for the scratch back
    took your advice and i am hosting on dreamhost now.

    Still have a lot of work before I actually start posting. Moneyandblog will still be there, but this one is a new, more how to blog rather than make money online blog

    Justin Dupre

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