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traffic1.jpgBlogs are high maintenance. Blogs need frequent updates to keep the traffic coming. And everybody knows that you need traffic to make money with you blog. If you plan on starting a blog when you know you can’t devote time into it, you needn’t bother. I’ve built up blogger noob to where it consistently gets a minimum of around 250 daily visits. I’ve been busy for the past month preparing my wedding and figuring out my offline business plans. During this time, i managed to still update my blog regularly, but i know that my posts weren’t up to the noob standards. And i haven’t been marketing my blog like i used to. That’s why i saw my traffic stay idle, even fall a bit. But i came back to Chicago about a week ago and i’ve been hard at work to get take my make money blog to the next level. I guess i was able to do something right cause i’m seeing a big boost in traffic.

How did i get my traffic up? For starters, i did two pretty big competitions. When you think about it, it doesn’t cost that much money to host competitions on your blog. It’s good for traffic, and it gets your readers involved. You’ll receive more comments, and you’ll have more fun with your blog. Doing these types of promotions also helps you get over a hump.

I also set up a few challenges for myself. Sometimes, having a mini goal forces you to work hard on your blog. If you don’t have a set goal, you really can’t gauge the progress of your blog.

I achieved this boost during the weekend. Usually, weekend traffic tends to be lighter then weekday traffic. But i was determined to increase my weekend hits. It is now Monday, and it’s looking like i will hit another traffic high point. The moral of this story is that, hard work pays off. Blogging requires you to write good content, and market that content. When i don’t have much time, or am feeling lazy, i just write my posts and that’s it. But you have to continue to market your blog. For the past week, i’ve been writing content, and mixing in promotions, and marketing each post in forums and blog networking sites. Everybody knows that this gets traffic, but they don’t always do this, cause it takes time. Well take a look at the traffic boost, and convince yourself not to be lazy.

8 thoughts on “Make money blog traffic boost

  1. Tommy

    Contests, especially if they’re fun and spirited tend to spread virally which has both short and long term benefits. Catchy games and the like are generally successful and attractive as well. short, quick bursts of change agents like these tend to bring in short, quick bursts of traffic which can often times lead to long term relationships. Curious about your off line business considerations also Noob, though that may very well be none of MY “business.”…LOL…..Peace……T

  2. the noob Post author

    jaredstenzel- yeah, usually i lose traffic during the weekend. i think i got a boost from entrecard over the weekend.

    tommy- you know i believe in contests! short and sweet, simple and fun. i’m in real estate development

  3. flamingpoodle

    Hey, congrats on your wedding!

    I took part in 2 competitions and noticed a huge boost in traffic too. My hits nearly doubled and it’s been staying there for nearly a week.

  4. bloggernoob

    flamingpoodle- thanks. kinda been stressful, but i think we’ve planned a lovely ceremony and fun reception. we’re gonna be out around 35 thousand dollars tho. :(

    you ran competitions, or u just entered? that’s great, doubled ur traffic and it’s maintaining, good job!

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