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trafficsources.jpgI wanted to share with you guys my traffic sources for the past month. All of this traffic was obtained free of charge. I didn’t spend a single dime advertising on any site for the past month. I did hold a few contests on my site, but it didn’t cost me that much money. I’ll list the top 9 traffic sources of this make money blog.

1. Blogcatalog sent me a total of 1,451 visitors. I added as many friends as i could on BC. I joined groups and participated in discussions.

2. Entrecard sent me a monthly total of 1,264 visitors. I was lucky to have joined early. BloggerNoob is one of the most popular blogs on entrecard. I remain on the top list cause i place my ads on the most popular blogs. Save up your credits and place your ads on the most popular blogs and you’ll see that your ad rate will increase.

4. Entrecard ads – these visitors are from the ads i placed. notice that i received more visitors from entrecard dot com. It helped that my site was one of the most popular. The ads i placed on other peoples blogs sent me 1,091 visitors.

3. Direct – i guess my blog has quite a few repeat visitors. 1120 of you type in my URL to access this blog. Danke. That’s why it’s important to have your own domain. And make sure it’s an easy to remember domain.

5. Sitepoint sent me a total of 980 visitors. One of the threads i started got featured on sitepoint. It brought me a lot while it was being featured. That’s why it’s important to get involved in webmaster forum discussions.

6. Stumbleupon sent me 904 visitors during this 30 day period. I got stumbled around 7 times. Each time i got around 125 visitors. The reason why i think stumbleupon traffic isn’t any good is the fact that stumbleupon’s traffic is has the lowest pageview and time spent on site.

7. Google organic sent me 647 visitors. I’ve been working on my keywords and i’m glad it’s paying off.

8. / referral sent me 406 visitors. Not sure what google referral is exactly. Maybe you guys can enlighten me.

9. Forums.digitalpoint referral sent 183 visitors to bloggernoob dot com. Again i can’t stress enough the importance of hitting the forums.

I plan on increasing my Direct hits by posting more great content. I want to increase RSS subscriptions too. If you haven’t subscribed to my RSS feed, click here. I’ve been climbing as far as search visibility and i want to keep pressing this option. I’m on page 2 of google search for “make money blog.” My goal is to get to the first page. Hopefully this breakdown was helpful to you guys. Remember, this blog is only 70 days old. If a noob like me can get this much traffic, there’s hope for us all.

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  2. Richard Abelson

    As per the google help page..

    Not all referrals from domains come through organic search or AdWords ad listings. Referrals may come from a variety of sources, including Google Groups posts, listings, or static pages on related Google sites. Such visits are tagged as [referral] instead of [organic] or [cpc].

  3. soundtrackgeek

    Thanks for sharing!

    Very useful information. I see I have more work to do, especially on Blogcatalog and Forums. What do you think about MyBlogLog or traffic exchanges like Traffic Attitude? I also need to add my feed to various directories.

    What about Technorati? Getting anything from there?

    Thanks again for a great post.

  4. Descartes

    After several months of hitting the keywords and blogging about trendy things, I got about 15,000 hits from search engines in December. A little over 14,000 of them from Google.
    Of course, they were not money making hits like yours. But I am still surprised that you have so much more traffic from sites than you do from Google. My sites stats are a lot lower than my Google stats. About 2300 from all sites, with Digg being the leader.
    Anyway, good job.

  5. Steven Kovar

    These are some great sources of traffic. I’ll be employing a few of them from now on. My blogs are both traffic-starved in spite of having great content. Surprisingly, most of my RSS subscribers on BS Bloggers are form StumbleUpon, while the subscribers on are a result of referred traffic from Google and some forums.

    PS: Thanks for the comments!

  6. Moolahking

    Hey Noob, you’re making your way up to exceed your Alexa ranking, isn’t it? Good for you though..

    I wondered how you able to keep fit your traffics. Noob, you’re truly one of a kind..!!

  7. Bob

    I’ve had a slightly different experience with StumbleUpon…

    My first few stumbles ended up amounting to nothing.

    But then, one post got stumbled and brought in over 5,000 visits in 10 days… with the lowest bounce rate of all my traffic sources.

    I don’t know if it was a really good post, a slow news day, or a freak of nature, but I thought I’d share my experience anyway.

  8. Chica

    Hmm my site meter from says I don’t have any referrals..LOL I suppose it’s time to search for another site meter. You have great stats, keep up the great work man!

  9. Jason - Blogging4cash

    Kind of odd that I was just reading this and going to comment and seen you just left a comment on my blog. Really strange. Anyways thanks for dropping in and commenting.

    I have some ok luck with Stumbleupon and Entrecard they are a great source of traffic. I signed up for blogcatalog and got denied for some reason.


  10. Jack Payne

    Great. Your sharing of this vital information, that is. Enlightening.

    Don’t understand it. I got 130 stumbles on an article I posted recently. No appreciable lift in traffic. So, every bit of new iformation like you are providing helps. Who knows? Maybe, some day, I will figure out what I am doing.

  11. Annie

    I signed on to EntreCard through your site, I hope that gives you credits. I only partially understand the whole concept but I will catch on eventually. It is a process!!
    Thanks for the useful info. What is the best way to track all your site results?

  12. the noob Post author

    richard abelson- thanks for the info. knew it was something like that. didn’t know the details. thanks for clearing it up. cheers

    soundtrackgeek- blogcatalog, or i like to call it “B. Cat” is awesome. and the people are really cool. mybloglog doesn’t hurt…but i’d rather spend time on B cat. not sure if technorati gets me traffic, but i’m trying to get my authority and ranking up.

    descartes- wow. im jealous. that’s a lot of google hits. i need to start doing wha tyou’re doing. i need to branch out and add to these traffic sources. just a noob so im working my way up. thanks descartes

    steven kovar- no problem steven. i agree you have good content.

    killian- if most of your traffic was from DP, you’ll be seeing a boost in your traffic from B cat and entrecard. glad u joined, just spend some time adding and visiting sites and you’ll see increase traffic.

    getmoretraffic- thanks. you’re too kind

    moolahking- dude…thanks. it’s not that complicated…just takes a lot of work and determination. anyone can do it.

    bob- thats awesome. 5k from stumble…im sure it was a good post. but u never know. i made a video on youtube that got over a million views. it’s a crappy vid too. very unpredictable. just gotta keep dishing out posts and one will catch on.

    chica- get google analytics. awestats is great but you need your own host. google analytics is industry standard

    jason- yeah…kinda creepy…it’s like we’re connected by cosmic forces…huh? denied from B. cat? hmm try again. never heard of that happening.

    jack payne- enlightening…call me voltaire. im glad u found the info useful. putting my blog up nakedly so people can see how things are done. im learning as i go here. 130 from stumble and no increase? what’s ur normal traffic like?

    annie- glad u signed up. i don’t think they have referral or anything. it’s all free service anyway. but im glad u joined. you’ll get some traffic from them for sure. google analytics is solid. if ur on your own host, awestat is great.

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