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traffic.jpgI haven’t been able to do my monthly traffic and income stats cause i’m away from my noob cave. I’m on my laptop in LA so i don’t have all the passwords and stuff so i can’t access all of my logs. So my income report will have to wait until i return to Chicago, but i’ll do the traffic report here. Bloggernoob has been growing at a steady pace. Feb 2008 is starting off slow tho. I think it’s probably cause i haven’t been able to focus on this make money blog as much as i like to have. Wedding planning has got the noob all stressed. Anyway, here is my traffic sheet for you curious cats.

As you can see my blog has kept growing since it’s birth. It’s been steadily growing traffic. All of my stats and rankings have been going up as well. My alexa is pretty good. Technorati is starting to show some love. I even got some google links. I don’t have PR and i might never get one.

Google Analytics is my choice traffic checker but i wanted to show a screenshot of my webalizer to mix it up. I think the important thing about checking stats is to keep using different counters. It’s like going to the doctor or a lawyer. You gotta get second and third opinions. Can’t just sign with the first lawyer or doctor you see. That’s just madness. I use webalizer, awestats, google analytics and various others to check and balance my traffic info. We can’t just rely on just one source can we?

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  1. Hugo Santos

    between the traffic checkers that cpanel gives as an option i prefer awestats. but i agree with you, we should confirm with several programs like the ones you mentioned.

    Very nice traffic. We are only in the beggining of february more than half the hits you got last month :)

  2. Forest Parks

    I have not been working very much on my blogs and luckily my traffic has stayed pretty consistent but it isn’t very high. When I am back working daily it will grow fast I am sure.

  3. the noob Post author

    hugo- yuppers. i like awestats too. hmm. my feb stats is starting off slower then my jan stats. i think you have the daily average confused with total.

    forest parks- that’s awesome that you haven’t been working on it much but you still maintain traffic. blogs usually see a drop in traffic when it’s not worked on. if you get back to working on it, i’m sure your traffic will jump.

    sam- thanks. i can’t believe it either. I just kept posting and networking. i try to be honest and helpful. ie reply emails, comments, visit other blogs, comment on other blogs. etc. i have a few archived posts that talk more specifics. or if you want, shoot me an email and i’ll point you to some solid info.

  4. Allyn Paul

    I disagree here Noob. Since none of the traffic stat keepers agree, you are not comparing apple-to-apple. You need to have one as your standard and use the others as supplementary.
    IOW- if you averaged 500 visitors per day on Google Analytics in january, and then you use Weblizer in Feb and it tells you 700 per day, you think you grew, but did you? What if Weblizer showed 800 per day in Jan but you don’t know because you are not comparing apple-to-apple.
    Just a thought, you’re still my hero.


  5. the noob Post author

    allyn- i agree with you allyn. i wasn’t very clear in my post. my main source is still google analytics. but i like to check my other counters to see the difference. to gauge my growth, i always use analytics. hero? mariah carrey or enrique iglesias?

    mikehuang- i check awestats as well. i think it’s one of the best counters. but for some reason, i still like google analytics more cause it’s less giving. stats on analytics is lowest on google analytics.

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