Make money bloggers grow a thick skin

monica-bellucci.jpgMost everything on the internet is a numbers game. If you get traffic, you will make money with you blog. Making money with your blog is all about playing the numbers game. In order to grow your blog, you need to try to score as many links as possible. Obviously, it’s best to try to score some free links. When you have enough links, your site with grow in the ranks. You will be indexed by different search engines, and the more links you have, the more easier it will be to get more links. It’s like the rich getting richer. When you already have a lot of links to your blog, it’s easy to get new links. What’s a noob to do when he has zero links? You gotta beg! You have to find other blogs with zero links, and trade with them. You gotta link to youself. Find free webpages and set up accounts. Link to your blog or blogs from those freebie pages. You can easily trade links with other noobies on webforums like digitalpoint.

Links are important, but you gotta also drive traffic to your site to make any money. Join as many traffic sites as possible. Entrecard and blogcatalog are good places to start, and the best part is that it’s all free. Don’t stop there, constantly seek out other sites that will drive traffic to your blog. Keep visiting other blogs in your nich and leave useful comments. Send out emails to like minded bloggers and ask them questions or for favors. Ask for an interview. Do whatever you think is necessary to grow your blog. I’m sure a lot of you have millions of ideas. But, don’t just leave them as ideas. Do something about it. Take a couple of your ideas and implement them. Take action man!

Why do i think that make money bloggers should grow a thick skin? Cause it’s like dating. Monetizing your blog is similar to dating. You’re gonna get rejected from time to time. Emails that you send out, won’t get read. Your requests for interviews will get denied. You’ll even get rejected to different ad programs. The key is to keep playing the numbers game. If you get rejected for an ad program, don’t fret. Quickly move on to the next. After about a month, reapply to the programs you got rejected from. Once your blog grows, you’ll get accepted.

There was a girl in high school that rejected me when i was the new kid in high school. That didn’t stop me from hitting on other girls. After about 5 or 6 rejection, the noob scored a hot date. And you know what, after i grew in popularity, the first girl that rejected me asked me out on a date. How do you like them apples! Blogging for money is a lot like high school. It’s superficial, cruel, and tedious. That’s just the name of the game. If you want to get good at it, you gotta keep playing the game. Gotta play the numbers game.

13 thoughts on “Make money bloggers grow a thick skin

  1. Tommy

    It’s politics alright…and whenever you think you’ve covered all the angles one more pops up!! I get my fill of politics in my real job so I don’t really tolerate a lot of it at the blog…..oh well….

    Anyone know a good Car Wrap program? And no, I don’t need a new car (got two of em)…but travel some 150 miles per day and figured a lot of it was highway so perhaps I could wrap the new sporty lil Focus up and make some beer money! Any ideas Noob?


  2. jj

    Hey Noob,
    I’m with you on that one,I’m the new Head Cheerleader at momscashblog. I’ve already had to grow some thick skin and it’s been less than one week. Mine has been with “hearing constructive criticism” disguised as comments!! I’m just a freshman so its all a growing experience,albiet a painful. Great article.


    It can certainly be quite frustrating when you first get started. A bit of a tight turning circle between getting traffic so that you can actually MAKE money. And needing to make money so that you’re considered knowledgable in the field.

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  5. the noob Post author

    tamera- yup yup

    wenbin- thanks

    liza- thanks

    chica- gambling in vegas? how so?

    tommy- hmm. car wrap program? my mind draws a blank. if you’re looking to buy one for ur sexy focus…i’d say do a good search, and then find a site, and scroll down and become an affiliate. then use your own link to buy then damn thing. 😉

    jj- head cheerleader. i love head cheerleaders. send me a pic of you wearing your uni…and don’t forget the pom poms…cause that’s important…the pom poms. oh yeah, mind emailing me the purchase price for your new blog?

    kate@fulltiltblogging- yup yup. i was lucky in making money in the early stages. make money blogs only work when you make money. u can always do what a lot of folks online do….lie about how much u make 😉

    wtricks- huh? is this spam?

    linda- avenues…i like that word. :)

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