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makemoneybloggers.jpgMake money bloggers need to know one thing and one thing only. How to make money by blogging. Unfortunately, the cap for most bloggers is quite low. Don’t you dare expect your blogging income to exceed over a hundred dollars a day. It’s probably a waste of time to attempt. Instead focus your energy on growing a solid readership base. This will add value to your blog cause you can use it to launch new sites. Your blogging income goals should be realistic and low. I like to hover around the $50/day mark. If i can maintain this income level, i’ll be find and dandy.

Unless you live in a rural part of China, you probably can’t survive on $50/day. So if you’re looking to make some real cash online, you need to look to other ventures. Most of you are reading my blog cause you want some free tips on making money online. (preferably via blogging) Let me be the first to tell you that it’s not going to happen. You can make lunch money with your blog, but don’t expect to live off of it. In theory, you might be able to push your multiple blogs above the $100/day range. But this takes a lot of time and determination. You’ll also need to devote full time hours into your blogs. Think about it, there are only a few blogs that make any real income. Most of you guys won’t come close, myself included. Why continue making money blogging? Because it’s a nice site to have in your portfolio. Bloggernoob is a tiny blog. But, i have some regular readers. I also have a few of my posts that come up on popular search terms. So, the posts i write have some pull. When it comes to launching a new site or project, i can use bloggernoob dot com as test advertising. Beats paying for ads on other blogs right? That’s why it’s important to maintain good working relationships with your blogging peers. You might need to ask for a favor someday.

I started my blog cause i randomly found myself on kumiko’s blogspot blog. I read her income reports and it looks realistic. She wasn’t making millions. She was making 10 dollars here and there. I thought it was something that i wanted to try. Later, i feel for the johnchow sheme. I started reading his blog and became in idiot. I thought i could become like the chow. Obviously, this rarely happens. I’ll even go on record to say that it never happens. He makes all that cash cause he’s selling fools gold. He’s the landlord selling land to idiots looking for gold. He knows theres no gold in that land. He knows cause he look all of it already. But, by flashing the gold that he found(income reports) noobies buy land. I fell for it, and i’m sure a lot of you have also. After a couple of weeks, you realize that johnchow is an idiot. And that you were an idiot for falling for his pyramid scheme. But your blog has grown enough to where you don’t want to quit. What are you to do now?

You should continue to maintain and grow your make money blog. You should try to slowly convert it into a niche blog. Find an ultra special make money niche and fill it. Give up your blogging dollar dreams, and look to other sources of online income. Like i mentioned in my earlier post, look to other type of websites.

I dogged on adsense when i started out. I thought it was a stupid program cause i never saw any results. But it was cause i was trying to use it on my blog. Adsense won’t work on blogs…especially on make money blogs. But, if you have a high traffic website catered to non webmasters, adsense is perfect. Web forums, that are highly active, will get you a few dollars a day easy. And as your member base grows, you will see earning in the double digits. A few high traffic web forums, and you got yourself income close to 100 dollars/day.

The trick is to stay focused. It’s about not giving up and having confidence in turning your worthless website into a site that makes a few dollars a day. Whenever you laungh a new site, you’ll have to spend a lot of hours and energy getting it up and SEOed. But once that’s done, you’re find yourself with a site that is low maintenance and lurative.

There are a lot of blogs that play the “$5 a day” card. I think a site like that is 100 times better then sites like johnchow. It’s realistic, it’s attainable, and best of all, it’s easy to do. It’s important to keep things simple for your visitors. You’ll gain trust, cause you’re posting about something that is real. You’re not making outlandish claims either.

If you’re a noob and haven’t made a cent with your blog yet, then try this out. (assuming you have traffic in the 50/day range) Hit up web forums and hit up members for jobs. Write posts for 5 dollars. Try to sell pixel ads for 5 bucks. Offer banner/text/footer ads for $5. The goal is to make your first blogging dollars. It’s humbling. It’s time consuming. But, it’ll work. As long as you keep sending out those emails, and posting on web forums, you’ll get advertisers to pay you. Do it and taste your first blogging paycheck. Do it, and your eyes will open up to money making possibilities online. Start off your web business with a blog cause it’s easy to do. Then, graduate into other sites. It’s all about baby steps. Making money online is real. It’s not a get rich sheme. The guys that live off online income will tell you this. “Keep pushing, and you’ll start making money online.” It won’t make you rich or famous, but if you have enough montized sites, you can probably quit that deadend job. Noob out.

18 thoughts on “Make money bloggers need to know

  1. esvl

    Its true. Rather aim realistic than run after people claiming to make thousands of dollars a day. Even though there is. Start small and dont give up is probably the best info you can give someone.

    Great post.

  2. Tim Christie

    your right Noob, diversification is the key. Dont put all your eggs in one basket.

    A couple of bucks here and there, from different types of income sources all add up, and over time you will really start to see some good returns.

  3. Forest Parks

    It took me a while but I manage to scrape about $800 a month. It’s hard work but feels good to be able to do it.

    I am definitely going to start looking into making static web sites, or maybe adapting wordpress to act more like a standard website.

  4. Bill Gere

    Excellent post, noob. I have been quietly reading this blog for awhile and it was one of the things that inspired me to start my own. I think you have provided some excellent advice about maintaining realistic expectations regarding the income potential of a blog, but I also do not thing it’s that bad to aim high, as long as you can prevent yourself from becoming discouraged if you don’t make it ‘all the way there.’ One final note – your comments about The Chow: While I agree with you (and a lot of others who have a similar opinion) I think you need to elaborate more on this, otherwise your readers may get the wrong idea. The reason JC has ‘all the gold’ is because he is approached first by the programs he endorses. Every one of his readers signs up for these new offers under him and he sits at the top of the pyramid, so to speak. Now his readers, who are mostly other bloggers, are trying to get additional signups from their subscribers to these same programs – the only this is, their subscribers are mostly already a subset of Chows subscribers who have already signed up under Chow, just like they did, for the same programs they are now promoting because they read about them on! In reality, your post is dead on, but what if there is OTHER gold out there? Maybe we should find some of that for ourselves.

  5. Funked

    As soon as people realize that you haven’t got to ”blog about making money” or ”blog about blogging” to make money they’ll be kicking themselves.

  6. Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal

    I was able to multiply my feb money by 10 and my march money by 2 in april (and all this while not capitalizing month names!)

    But the goal for me is to see what I can do, it’s sort of a hobby with career hints in the background.

  7. bloggernoob

    esvl- i tend to not believe people who claim to make too much with their blog.

    deb- wow. inspired? i usually get inspired by great works of art.

    pentad- im all about realism

    tim christie- yeah….i’m not a fan of the “eggs in one basket” phrase. but yeah. gotta mix it up. it’s like fashion style. can’t always wear gap. gotta mix in other clothes.

    pratibha- thanks

    indian travel guide- you’re welcome.

    forest parks- 800 a month is awesome! if you put together a few more sites with that income level, you can get full time wages online.

    bill gere- thanks bill. i’m glad that my blog influenced ur decision to start a blog. even a little.

    my thing with chow is this. i think he’s a great internet marketer. he’s the guy. don’t know how he does it. only thing tho…his blog is only for noobs. Once you start setting up your own blog, it’s almost a waste of time reading his blog. that’s cause there’s nothing new. And most of his posts are paid plugs. Can’t really get him to notice u either.

    as far as gold. I’m glad u are hopeful. I respect it and i feel the same way. It probably won’t be blogging gold, but it’s definately still out there on the web. gotta keep digging.

    bbcrew- 14 bucks in 9 months. damn. i think you should consider other forms of monetization. paid plugs, private ads, affiliate commissions.

    funked- i think once u start a blog, you realize other options. that’s why it’s important to start with a blog. you’re right. so many ways to make money online. not just by make money blogging

    dave- i feel the same way. i won’t quit my dayjob, but if a side project hits the big time, i’ll be more then happy to sell my offline businesses.

    better interpersonal communication- thanks

    roy phay- 3 years. awesome! how much are you making with your website/websites?

  8. Roy Phay

    Hi Noob,

    In total of running my business for 3 years now, total revenues are in the range of 6 figures… I’m looking to push it into 7 figures in the next few years :)


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