Make Money Blogging and Censorship

make money blogging and censorship like dixie chicksNo matter how cool you are, you’re going to run into people who hate your blog. You could be the nicest blogger, but for some reason, someone or a group of people will hate you and your blog. As you work hard to provide helpful information and write witty posts, you’ll run into questionable comments. What do you do? Do you delete comments left by these losers? If they accuse you of cheating on your income report, or not giving out prizes offered on your blog, what do you do? If they question the validity of your RSS subscriptions and just try to be all negative on your blog, what should you do?

Lately, i’ve been disappointed on how this country is run. But the thing i love most about this country is freedom of speech. Freedom of expression is our god given right. If we can’t express how we feel, we are not free individuals. I think truth comes out when there is dialogue. Instead of hiding or censoring the negative, you should combat it with a positive. I also respect the bill of rights. I love that we create rock hard laws, but we also know that changes times calls for the change of laws.

If someone leaves an outrageous comment on your blog, don’t delete it. Combat it with a counter argument of your own. I occasionally get these types of negative comments. They’re usually from random people who hate my blog. To be honest, it makes me mad. Why would this loser bother leaving a negative comment? Why not just blog about it on his or her own blog? That’s what i do when i hate a certain blog.

I thought about deleting these comments. But, after thinking it over, i think it’s best to keep it up. Wear it like a badge of honor. Don’t hide it. Counter it with a short reply to the blogger. Address him or her like the immature brat that they are. Don’t spend too much energy or time on and and just move on. I think other readers will get a kick out of that exchange and it shows that you have nothing to hide on your blog. It creates more trust with your readers. That’s why i try to be transparent with income reports or traffic stats.

I’m writing this post because i frequently visit sitepoint’s marketplace. I don’t just buy domains, i look for established websites to add to my portfolio. If i feel like a site has potential to make me more money, i’m usually on it like a money hungry vulture. I noticed a lot of negative statements in those auctions. Sometimes the seller deletes it. I’ve even had my comment deleted by these sellers. I don’t think it was negative at all, but i’m sure it didn’t help with the sale. When there’s any type of censorship, a red flag goes off. Something that could have been resolved with an easy reply, now makes me not want to buy that website.

Censoring shows weakness. If you have to be all shady and hide things, maybe i shouldn’t get involved with you or that website. Noob out!

13 thoughts on “Make Money Blogging and Censorship

  1. Anthony at

    That’s a good strategy. I don’t have much negative comments (none as much as i can remember) :) but I don’t think is good policy to delete comments just because they are negatives.

    At the end, as you have estated, if you addressed them like the immature brats that they are, you win in trust and credibility.

  2. ChiQ Montes

    I think this post is more likely about that website for sale on sitepoint that u wanted to bid on.. but anyway, good points there, ill remember them. i have never dealt with negative comments though so i have no idea yet how id react, maybe just someone saying how my customer service sucks (but its not really me, its my support guy).

  3. the noob Post author

    antohny- some of my most interesting comments are the negative ones. 😉 comments, good or bad are good for you blog. it ads content and you don’t have to do any work. It’s like social networking sites and user generated content sites like youtube and wikipedia. instant wealth. that’s why google is getting in on the game. knol

    chiq- yeah i was thinking about bloggin-ads when i wrote this. but i have no plans of buying that blog. why would i when i already have bloggernoob and various other make money online blogs. why pay thousands for another shitty MMO blog? 😉

  4. Recruitment Nick

    Good post, I am not into this drum beating about freedom of speech (though I do agree with it), my problem is a lack of open conversation in anything at all.

    Sales cycles, recruitment cycles, news reports, manufacturing… if you have to hide things to make good with what you are doing then, as you said, that little red flag goes up.

    Agree with everything you said there, well put.

  5. m.dinesh

    I think the best way to deal with them is by giving reply like you do and convincing them or show the correct proofs to them.

  6. Allyn

    I love those naked Dixie Chics. Too Bad Natalie Main is really not that thin. Talk about trying to appear as something you’re not! LOL

  7. Forest

    The only time I really delete comments of this kind is when it is also affecting another blogger. I don’t give a damn what anyone says about me but I can’t speak for others…. so if anyone reading this hates me, swing by and comment :)

  8. the noob Post author

    recruitment nick- thanks. im not all political either. not big on “freedom fries” type people. but i do like freedom of speech. 😉

    dinesh- don’t take it seriously. it’s hard to convince idiots. just don’t delete it. negative comments are quite entertaining. 😉

    nobe- yup. let the idiot leave the comment and ignore it. haha. i like to adress it lightly. show how unimportant they are.

    allyn- was that photoshopped? dang. i saw a dixie chick documentary. pretty good. i think it’s called “shutup and sing”

    forest- good point. it’s be cool if the other blogger got in on the convo. makes for an interesting post/comment

  9. JohnKhoo

    The best method is just ignore them. Sometimes, i will delete their comments if it happens to be rude comments because it will spoil your blog image.

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