Make money blogging and multi tasking

sarah silvermanExperienced bloggers know that you have to be good at multi tasking if you want to make money with you blog. This is true because blogging can consume a lot of you time. If you spend too much time on something, you’re probably not extracting enough hourly income from your work. Newbie bloggers usually are not good at multi tasking. It’s hard for a newb because everything seems so new and hard. Even simple tasks can take hours or days to figure.

When i first started blogging, i had problems up the ass. I jumped from website to website trying to find the answers. It gets pretty annoying. Most of the simple things are not discussed online. Blogger forget their roots and don’t clearly explain the simple stuff. For example, i didn’t know how to insert a link in my post. (for noobs-highlight text and click on the link tab in the “write post” section of wordpress) I think i spend a day and a half to figure it out. It seems like second nature now, but back then, i didn’t know how html or wordpress worked. I’m sure that there are a lot of newbies out there who don’t know how to perform these types of simple tasks. That’s why i think it’s important to write posts that even a noob can understand.

If you want to make money with you blog, you gotta do a lot of things at once. When you’re in front of the computer, you should have a lot of screens up. Right now, i have 3 tabs open on my browser, and on my desktop, i have 4 programs running. I have photoshop, notepad, and word. In between posts, i log into paypal and my email account to send an receive mail and money. I hit and visit and comment on other peoples blogs, and as i wait for their site to load, i’m posting threads online to gather links for my other websites. I also squeeze in some domain shopping and tweaking my various webmaster tools.

I read up on new revenue generating programs and i shop for deals online. I have AIM, MSN, and Google Chat conversations with other bloggers and friends. I do all this at the same time. It might sound overwhelming to some, but it’s a regular things for people who actually make money online.

It’s really similar to playing poker online. Aside from not being able to see players faces and not being able to play with chips, online poker is more fun then live poker. It’s because i can play like four hands at the same time. When i online poker, i have 4 tables going at the same time. In the beginning, it’s tough. You can’t see the cards and you’re afraid that you’re going to make a mistake and fold or call the wrong had. But after you get used to the environment, things get easier. Everything slows down so you speed up. This holds true with webmastering. In the beginning, you’re probably only going to solo task. Writing a post is hard enough. But after a while, you’ll be writing posts, sending email, chatting, and setting up another website all at the same time. Don’t get discouraged in the beginning. After you start your blog, slowly add other tasks to juggle. You’ll be multi tasking in no time. And if you run multiple sites and you hone your multi tasking skills, you WILL make money online. That’s a fact jack! Noob out!

4 thoughts on “Make money blogging and multi tasking

  1. Mia

    I can’t play games at the same time as I will be distract and can’t concerntrade on task. Multi tasking is alot work.

  2. Christine Bean

    I had to laugh at this, because I can picture you doing this as I can picture myself doing it.

    I have a friend who wants to start Blogging, but can only do 1 thing at a time and gets VERY STRESSED at watching me multi-task.

    It’s an acquired skill, but if one wants to be a success at Blogging, it’s a required skill.

    I too can do all those things, but don’t ask me to chew gum at the same time!

    Thanks for the smile and the information.

    Christine Bean

  3. girl

    I cannot thank you enough for the articles on your web-site. I know you place a lot of time and energy into these and really hope you know how deeply I enjoy it. I hope I can do exactly the same person sometime.

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