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noob2.jpgI’m still surprised to see a lot of noob blogs. I visit blogs of some of the people who left me comments and i still see the same mistakes i made when i was a noob. I know not everyone has the time to maintain a blog that makes money, but you should still try to break away from your newb shell. I’ve compiled a list with links to some of my older posts. Reference it like a checklist and see if you’re still a noob.

Follow this list and it help you drive more traffic to your blog. You know what that means right? More traffic means that you will make more money with you blog.

1. Get yourself a favicon. It’s easy to do and it’s actually pretty cool to have your own unique favicon shown when someone enters your blog.

2. Get yourself a domain name. Even if you’re on a blogspot blog, you could register a domain for under 10 bucks. Who knows, maybe you could even make money off your domain.

3. Don’t pay for stuff. In the beginning stages, why waste your money on overpriced reviews or ads. Learn the trade and then invest wisely.

4. Set realistic goals for your blog. Don’t over or under estimate your ability to make money online.

5. Don’t overuse your linking power. When you give out a link, you’re showing love, but be selective. If you give out too many links, your links will mean nothing. Who will buy your link when it’s worth nothing? No one.

6. Link to your own blog. This will give you deep links and it will give new readers a chance to read some of your older posts.

7. Post pictures. I never read a blog that doesn’t have any images or pictures. I don’t know why, but it’s boring. Blog readers want to read magazines not essays. Get in the habit of posting pictures. You’ll get traffic from search engines too. I get quite a few hits every day for the images i post.

8. Get rid of ads that aren’t performing. I still see a lot of adsense on blogs. What a waste. Adsense and adbrite type pay per click programs seem like that will perform right? Wrong. You would think that people will click. But they don’t. Don’t waste your time on those things. It’s probably better to give out free ads to blogging friends. Unless your site gets thousands of hits a day, don’t even bother with adsense.

9. Get rid of blogrush and put up entrecard. Get rid of mybloglog and put up blogcatalog.

10. Update often. I know it’s time consuming but in the beginning stage, you have to constantly be posting. This will get the search bots to keep coming back to your blog. This will tell your readers to keep coming back. Try to post every day if you can, if you can’t, at least once every two to three days. If i go to a blog and i see the top post is from a month ago, i never go back to that blog. If it’s too hard to post lengthy posts, try filler posts.

8 thoughts on “Make Money Blogging Checklist

  1. Iris

    This is really a straight to the point lists, i like that, i wonder what is missing with my blog…what improvement do i need aside from my content and own domain name.

    I like the most if the List #9 Get rid of blogrush and mybloglog. so true.

  2. the noob Post author

    iris- thanks. i try to be as honest and direct as possible. yup. blogrush slows down the load time and it doesn’t send any traffic. entrecard sends traffic. mybloglog has too much spam and users aren’t so active. BC is the way to go.

  3. Juha Ylitalo

    If you have whole wide world as your readers, make sure that your affiliates have something for everyone. For example Amazon fails on this, because if you are affiliate then your affiliate and only that. If your reader goes to (US store instead of UK store) and buys the product from there, you don’t get any commission.

  4. witchypoo

    I cannot post pics each day. BlogHer only wants original content, so I am using my own images, even for the puzzles.
    The rest of it?
    I quit Entrecard because my firewall doesn’t let me drop cards. I gave away my credits. Plus I want my sidebars to have as little as possible on them to make room for the big ole BlogHer ad. I’ll be happy if I can make my hosting fees, but I suspect if my traffic grows at the rate it has already, I will be able to make a bit of cash as well.
    I manage my blogroll with a line of php. This allows only three image links to display at a time. That way, I don’t cheapen my links.

  5. the noob Post author

    witchypoo- that’s one of the reason why i’m not a fan of blogspot. how are you monetizing your site witchy? i think you can squeeze a few more bucks. you get traffic and you have a loyal reader base.

  6. fuji x100

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  7. xxxisporn

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