Make money blogging, random winner 6

randomwinner.jpgI haven’t done this in a while. If you’re new to my blog, read up. I do this thing where i award a random winner five bucks just for reading my blog. You don’t have to do anything special. I won’t make you link to my blog, or solve any puzzles. All you have to do is read my blog. I do this to promote my blog, and get repeat visitors. It’s been successful so far. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and i think my readers appreciate my gesture. I also feel better about myself for selling out so badly. (hmm, i sold out the day i started this blog…cause it’s a make money online blog) Anyway, drumroll please. The winner of the random winner prize is

Jared Stenzel. Jared, come on down and receive thy prize. Leave me a comment and send me an email with your paypal email. I shall send you your prize ASAP. I choose you at random from my “the noob is back” post. Guys, when you read my blog, feel free to leave me comments. That’s how i know you read my blog. And keep on making money by blogging. Noob out.

10 thoughts on “Make money blogging, random winner 6

  1. Jay

    If he doesn’t claim it, I’d say you donate it to my Walk for Hunger! It’ll go to a good cause and well-known charity event.


  2. juvy

    I don’t visit other’s blog so much…and I found myself here reading your blog…is this for real that you pay?…really?

  3. Wade

    So if you have a lot of posts, you have better odds? Too bad you didn’t link to the site directly in your post. That would be worth it. I’m not worried about 5 bucks, but a linkback and quick shout out would be nice.

    Shudogg Dot Com – Make Money Online Blogging

  4. the noob Post author

    sudarshan- good luck to you on my next random drawing

    desmond- thanks

    juvy- yes it’s for real. it’s only five bucks tho

    wendy- juvy didn’t win, jared did

    wade- yes, in theory…but it’s gotta be useful comments. or at least make me laugh

    jared- payment sent buddy!

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