Make money blogs and hero worship

hero.jpgThere’s a lot of hero worship going on in the make money blog world. A lot of kissing arse and not a lot of money making. The whole point of setting up a make money blog, is to make money right? Then, why aren’t so many make money bloggers making any? BloggerNoob dot com is a make money blog. And my only mission with this blog is to make money. Although i haven’t made much, i did break the 4 digit mark in less then 6 weeks. That’s right, i made $1000 in 6 weeks with this blog. You know what that means? It means that any idiot with a laptop and internet connection can make at least a few hundred bucks a month with their blogs. Then…why isn’t this happening?

The reason is because most make money bloggers are too busy kissing ass. I see a lot of blogger posting pictures of them with shoe or johnchow. These are pictures of them at the useless conventions. This means that they paid like 1500 dollars to attend the damn thing. They swallowed their pride and went up to shoe and johnchow for a picture. Like these guys are celebrities. Like having a pictures with them will make them any money….idiots!

Most make money bloggers are a sad bunch. They spend all their time reading A-list blogs and commenting on those blogs. I was guilty of that too when i first started out. But i hardly ever read those blogs anymore. I don’t read those blogs anymore cause it didn’t help me make any money. “Wait, noob…are you saying that reading bloggernoob dot com won’t help me make any money?” YUP! That’s exactly what im saying. Honestly, what can you learn from my site? What can i teach you that you already don’t know. Get traffic, get links, sell ads, sell links, adsense, paid posting. It’s simple folks. Making money online consists of 6 activities. You have to find your own way of implementing these six things. I won’t teach you, and it’s for certain johnchow won’t teach you.

Then why read bloggernoob dot com? Hmm…good question. I don’t know. Maybe you like reading my paid posts? I personally want you to read bloggernoob dot com because you help me make money with my blog. Will i share any of that cash. Nope. Maybe a $5 contest here and there. A few electronic givaways. But i’m gonna keep all of it. This is how make money blogs work. You make money off of weaker bloggers. Bloggers who are less tech savvy. Bloggers who are lazy. Bloggers who don’t know how to get traffic. Bloggers who don’t know how to make money. It’s like dieting. Fat people don’t really want to lose weight. Fat people aren’t stupid…they know it’s all about diet and exercise. But every year, millions of fat people buy miracle diet pills and how to books to help them lose weight. Bloggers who pay johnchow and shoemoney are like fat people who buy diet pills. You can quote me on that.

You should continue to read bloggernoob cause i haven’t developed my diet pills yet. I’m actually a fat person too. But i’m a smart fat person. I don’t spend money on those stupid miracle pills cause i know better. I know that i can do some pushups here and walk a mile there and skip the burger to slowly lose my weight. You should read bloggernoob so you can see the progress of this blog. You should read bloggernoob cause i’m not a make money hero. If you ask me a question or comment on my blog, i’ll most certainly answer( as long as it’s not spam). You should read bloggernoob to get motivated. Read my monthly income reports and tell yourself “If bloggernoob, who is an idiot, can make money with his blog, i can too.” You should read my blog cause it’s not completely useless. I sometime write some useful tips. Or i’ll break down my traffic. I usually reveal things that most bloggers don’t want to reveal. Top secret shit.

When should you stop reading my blog? When my blog gets to johnchow level you should stop reading it. Cause i’ll have already sold out and i’ll mostly likely not even bother to return email or comments. I’ll pay other noobs to write my posts. I’ll have idiot bloggers write my posts for free(guest bloggers). You should stop reading my blog when i ask you to pay me $450 to review your blog. Until that happens, read my blog. Heck, subscribe to my RSS feed even. If you’re fat, subscribe to my RSS feed and you’ll get less fatter. It’s a miracle blog!

13 thoughts on “Make money blogs and hero worship

  1. Chica

    That is why I started reading your blog in the first place, because you aren’t one of those corporate, stuck-up little hoots that makes a gazillion with their blog, and aren’t even friendly about it. Your my first make money blog in my daily reads, and you’ll be the last, and no I ain’t kissing your ass, I’m just telling ya how it is, if you sucked, I would tell you. 😉

  2. Get More Traffic

    Wow!!! Look at how BloggerNoob called out to “his” fat people. Hahaha.

    BloggerNoob, you’re intense. I’m not a fan but an ally.

    You are one of the most popular EntreCard users, and I’m the 3rd most popular blog at BlogCatalog.

    You worry about subscribing more “fat” people, I worry about subscribing allies.

    Anyways, good post! :)


  3. Tommy

    In an age when fiction rules fact, your approach remains fresh. Ok, another dumb buzz word. But, whatever. It’s true. You said it sometime ago. Create a niche. Standout. Be different. You’re simply practicing what ya preach and that bloggernoob dude is quite “fresh.” Sure it may wear off, but won’t the ride be exciting? And if I’ve learned anything here (I said if) I’ve gotta believe you’ll long sense have figured it out, adjusted and moved on. Call it a gut feelin’…LOL


  4. the noob Post author

    esvl- thanks. hopefully new readers found it entertaining and useful.

    adrian- i love it when people chuckle.

    grademoney- i think it doesn’t make sense for some noobs. thats why johnchow is so rich.

    blackpixie- you’re welcome. keep on smiling pixie.

    chica- thanks chica. if i ever turn into a stuckup blogger. please slap some sense into me. seriously. just leave me a comment “sell out!”

    caroline- thanks caroline. i’m surprised that not a lot of bloggers go for the honesty angle. I guess it conflicts with making money online.

    getmoretraffic- i want allies not fans. :)

    rhyan- yeah it’s a nice pic. she’s my ex

    tommy- thanks tommy. i appreciate your comments.

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