Make money blogs are boring

bored.jpgThis blogging game gets pretty boring at times. I update this blog cause it’s fun reading comments from other people. It’s also cool putting a few dollars into my pocket. But sometimes, i flat out run out of ideas. There are times where i recycle some of my old posts. I’m sure some of my regular readers have noticed this. Sorry about that. I think this happens with every blog in this make money niche. It’s cause there really isn’t much to it.

For the past week and a half, i wasn’t able to read as many blogs as i normally read. It’s cause i’m planning a wedding. Scratch that, i don’t plan shit. I’m just the driver. Anyway, it’s been stressful and expensive. But when i read other people’s blogs, i rarely find info that i can use. Most of the make money blogs talk about other websites. They talk about how much they made with this program or how great this site is. These are posts where the blogger gets paid for the mention. It’s either a paid post or they are pushing an affiliate to make commission or referral.

Some blog posts discuss strategies to increase traffic. They go on and on about this and that. You know what, it’s all the same. I will make a bigger list of where and how to get free traffic soon. I’ve seen this list on a lot of blogs and honestly, that is all you need. All of these traffic posts are fluff posts. They are just distracting you with words and dollar signs and writing a 4 page post when all you need is around 25 links to sites you can get traffic from.

How refreshing would it be to read something new from a make money blog. Not about how to make money online, cause it’s all the same. Oh! I have an idea. Make money bloggers monetize their blogs by pushing affiliates, writing paid posts, and selling private ads. I was thinking, instead of selling ads, what if i buy ads. This isn’t very revolutionary i know. But wait. i’m not talking about buying ads from johnchow. I’m talking about buying ads from my readers. I like it! I’ll run with it on my next post.

5 thoughts on “Make money blogs are boring

  1. Mitch at Money News

    Yup, you can only rehash the same stuff over, and over. Personally I think having two niches in one blog make for a little different topic. When I’m not talking about making money, I’m talking about videos games =P.

  2. the noob Post author

    killian- hmm. maybe, look for a post entitled “the noob gets married and makes money online” it’s not until spring.

    whydowork- yeah. sorry whydowork. i’m planning a wedding…it’s got my brain fried.

    mitch- i should turn bloggernoob into a make money blog/wedding blog. i’m like a professor of wedding now.

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