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Blogging about “How to make money online” is a drag most of the time. It isn’t a particularly interesting subject for most people. It doesn’t require a lot of brain skills either. It’s all about getting links and writing keyworded titles and posts. Making money is about retelling the same sold tale. It’s very similar to Hollywood blockbusters. You get the same plot, same actors, and change up the selling. Think about the movie Speed 2. It was the same thing as Speed, minus Keanu. It was the same thing as Speed, except it was on a boat. Make money online blogs are just like that. No creativity and all special effects. No plot and bad acting. But, new noobies keep visiting my web site. It’s because search engine keep filling my traffic sheets. That’s why the most important thing you can do for your blog is SEO. Get a lot of keyword specific links pointing to all parts of you blog. If you do that, you can keep repeating the same garbage over and over again. You can write one post and rehash it over and over again. It’s boring, but if it gets you clicks, you did what you set out to do.

I get really bored with this blog. Updating is a drag most of the time. It’s only fun when i see a new ad network. But this doesn’t happen often. I used to update often because of paid plugs. But i have stopped doing that. So, i am left with no reason to update. I know that google likes it when i update, so i force myself to write. I look to a few blogs for inspiration. Some of the blogs i visit out of habit. They were the blogs that i read when i first started this blog. Some of the blogs i visit because they are really good. Like Griz’s blog. Anyway, here are the make money online blogs that the noob reads.

1. Make money online for beginners – All about adsense and ranking well in google. This is a must read for people who want to make money online. Teaching you all there is to know. He set up a self hosted wordpress blog about six months ago. He was able to get it to the first page of google for “make money online” in like 3 months. You can check out that make money online blog by going here.

2. Shoemoney – I guess i still visit out of habit. It was one of the blogs that i used to visit when i was a complete noob. Maybe it did more harm then good, but i still check up on this blog from time to time. Same with Johnchow and problogger’s blog.

3. Tylercruz – I found a flash video that he made with his income stats. Thought it was pretty cool at the time. Still visit out of habit. He runs the affiliate marketing challenges on his blog. That was a pretty good idea. What i don’t understand is, why aren’t his referred affiliates doing the same thing. They could set up their own blog and run the same type of competition. The referrals are obviously better affiliate marketers then tyler cruz. Goes to show the power of MLM marketing.

4. Bloggingfingers – This blog was featured on a lot of blogs when it sold for $5000? $8000? Don’t remember how much it sold for. Anyway, this blog has gone down hill after the initial sale. I think the original owner took it over again but who knows for sure. I visit this blog to see where i am at as far as blogging.

5. Garryconn – The blogger has some skill, but not sure if he is making a lot of money online. It seems like he set up a lot of different type of websites to add to his income. Not a regular read, but i’ve come across a few really good posts.

6. Winningtheweb – The blog is as generic as it can get. But, i visit it to keep tabs on it. The bloggers has done a good job of social promotion on the blog. He has some really good link trades. I wonder if the money he invested into the blog is paying off.

7. Millionnzdollars – I think this is where most MMO bloggers fall into. You are not looking to make full time income with you blog. You just want a blog that consistently produces $300-$600 dollars a month. Great blog to read.

8. Mikesmoneymakingmission – The blogger has a lot of different kinds of blogs on free blogging platforms. He makes full time income via his “free” blogs.

9. Johnchow – What can i say. He makes money online by writing about how much money he makes online. I think that Chow and Shoemoney’s google check is responsible for all of these useless make money online blogs that litter the world wide web.

10. Johncow – Proof that you can not predict success. Who would have thought that a parody blog could become so profitable. I used to visit this blog often. But don’t anymore. But i heard that the blog sold for 5 figures. I think that this type of unexpected success is what drives most web masters. A stupid blog can end up making money. Even if you play your rags to the flop, you might hit a nice hand. The important thing is to ante up and play your hand. Even if it is junk.

11. Joelcomm – The guy make like 40 grand in 2 days with his useless ifart application. I wanna do what he does. I want to make useless iphone apps. Even if i can’t match the success of ifart, i wanna make at least a few grand. Also, the guy wrote the adsense code and developed the first internet marketing reality tv series.

29 thoughts on “Make money blogs the noob reads

  1. Grizzly

    Thanks Noob (and Trent lol)

    It sounds like you are making progress in the serp’s – glad to hear and I hope all is well aside from the tedious task of writing for MMO. So true Noob.

    Thanks again – much appreciated.

  2. Dean Saliba

    Nice list, I have about half of them bookmarked and check them out of habit these days rather than to gain anything useful.

    I also check out Get Paid To Fart as I liek Big Momma’s writing style. :)

    P.S. Thanks for adding my blog to Stumble, got a lot of traffic from that. :)

  3. The White

    Noob, I know how you feel about getting burnt out. I recently redid my entire blog and took it in a whole new direction. It feels pretty rad to shed the old skin (I’m Chris from Living on Adsense).

    Thanks for the new reads, there are a few keepers in here that I have added to my collection. That blog that is in the #1 above, what an amazing job that guy has done. Very inspirational.

  4. Dean Saliba

    Have you thought of adding a new theme? I do that every now and again and it really gives me a shot in the arm when I think I’m getting burned out.

    I also follow Chris’ Blog. :)

  5. Roman

    I love the honesty of this post. I can see how making posts about the same thing over and over again can get tedious. Expecially for something as base as ‘making money online’.

    I just started my ‘make money’ website, so I am still excited. But you have givin me some insight into the future.

    Hope you cn find your way out of the slump. I enjoy your posts.

  6. amki

    What an ugly, vicious post! I learned a lot, though: how NOT to treat my readers–by being unkind, belittling, discouraging, pedantic, snide–you get the idea, I’m sure.

  7. Cash From Blogs

    When it comes to making money from blogs, traffic is still the main ingredient. The more traffic, obviously the more money. SEO has to be the driving factor. Keyword research has to improve.

    Twitter can still get you many hits to your blog. It has to be a “subtle” approach, or else it won’t work.

    Does anyone really make “good money” from their blogs? If so, I would like to know.

  8. Rahul

    Amazing post thats what i am searching for i read most of them regularly. but never heard from any successful blogger comments on them.

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