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makemoney.jpgRichard Abelson from getsomecomputerhelp left me a pretty cool comment yesterday and i wanted to share with you guys what you said. He said, “Be careful noob, your quickly loosing your noob status :)….You are becoming a professional blogger in record time. Hey Noob, BTW, its Just like the military. I’d rather take orders from an enlisted guy who went through the ranks to become and officer then listen to that officer who just got out of the Academy and doesn’t know squat. You been in the trenches…. Now you get to sit in the Captains chair.. Or err… something like that..Later”

Thanks Richard, i have to agree with you on that. The military analogy is a pretty good one cause blogging is a step by step process. One can’t turn into a super blogger overnight. Johnchow didn’t start off making 20k a month from this blog. I think he made a few hundred then grew to a few thousand and now he’s making 5 digits every month. That’s why i hate those scamlike programs that promise you high earnings in a short amount of time. It won’t happen! You have to think of your blog like any other type of money making business. It’ll grow slowly and it will require a lot of attention and a lot of hard work.

I personally like to learn things by trying things out. And if i need some help, i’ll look to people who have experience. Experience levels and types differ in the blogging game. For you basic noob bloggers, info that you get from super blogs probably won’t apply. How can you learn anything from a guy who’s making millions when you only get 4 visitors a day. You have to learn from the blogger who makes a few dollars with 20 visitors. And as you grow, you’ll look to learn from a blogger that makes hundreds…etc. I’m trying to show the progress of this blog from the ground up. You can visit my archives to see how noob this blog was when it started. I didn’t know anything about blogging or making money by blogging. I made mistakes and tried a lot of different things. I tried to be as transparent as possible so you can learn from my experience. I don’t have prior experience in making money online. I never sold a ebook or make a living online, but i did start making some cash on the side with this blog. If you are a web developer and already made millions online, maybe you should kiss johnchow’s ass and worship shoemoney. If you’re one of those guys, what the hell are you doing reading this blog? For that matter…what the hell are you doing reading john and shoe’s blog? If you’re a noob and want to make a few bucks with your blog that you do for fun, then i recommend reading my blog. Read small and medium blogs to learn and network with like minded people. I also recommend Bloggerunleashed, mikesmoneymakingmission, millionnzdollars, and makemoneyforbeginners. All of these blogs are better then so called A-list blogs for making money online. They actually offer practical advice. If you use the military analogy, these guys are the captains that actually started from the ground up. They also fight with their soldiers. If you need help, they’ll response to your emails and reply to your comments.

Blogging isn’t that difficult. It can be time consuming in the early stages, but after the ball starts rolling, it gets pretty easy. Making money by blogging isn’t hard either. Again, it’ll take time commitment and hard work, but you’ll find that it’s rather easy to make a little cash on the side. Don’t listen to too many people. Some people trash on certain sites and programs. But if you make money from it, and you get traffic…who cares. This blog won’t have the benefit of a PR, but i do get traffic and i do have readers. I also make some nice pocket change. This blog only cost 10 dollars a month to operate. I’ve made over 3000 dollars already. I could buy myself a nice winter coat for my fiancee and a nice new laptop for me. Not bad for a noob is it? If a noob like me can make money online with a blog, a smart guy like you should be able to make some too. If you found this info useful, please subscribe to my RSS feed.

7 thoughts on “Make money military analogy

  1. Grizzly

    Hi Noob,

    Thanks for the Nod. Your post is good solid advice that you don’t see to often in this niche. You are definitely moving in the right direction – Thanks again.

  2. Navin

    and you don’t need a proof how much you earn.. cos, everyone is going to believe you :)

    but never knew you were a jackass fan.. ha ha ha ha. well this is yet another jackass fan here
    isnt’ that johny knoxville??

  3. Richard Abelson


    Thanks for taking my comment so seriously. I already have learned some great tips from just looking at how things operate here.

    Responding to comments and acually building a post from a comment. man can’t think of any other better way for visitors to come back for more…

    Great job..


  4. the noob Post author

    grizzly- thanks griz. i think it’s important to try to be a little honest. cut the bullshit. that’s why i like your blog.

    navin- it’s actually a pic from Patton. but i like jackass too.

    alanj878- u keep posting and of course you’ll get there. blogging isn’t very hard.

    vic- no prob vic. thanks for stopping by.

    richard abelson- thanks for leaving me a good comment. :)

  5. Emmy Knee

    Hi just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i’ve landed on your blog in the last 2 weeks looking for totally unrelated things. Spooky or what?

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