Make money online 9 month income report

Emma de caunes announces bloggernoob\'s make money online blog\'s income reportBloggernoob is all growns up. You give birth to you baby blog and when you see it grow, it’s really satisfying. Last month, i changed gears with this blog. I took less paid posting gigs and focused more on private ad sales. As you will see below, i’ve double my last months private ad sales. Because i am doing less paid plugs, i don’t have to spend as much time on this blog. I still manage to post once a day, but in time, i’ll try to cut that down as well. The idea is to start off a blog with a lot of time invested. After your blog grows, you want to switch to auto pilot. You want to do that because you want to keep growing new websites.

The last two months have been busy for The Noob. I’ve managed to successfully launch another 50 websites. In those two months, i’ve managed to monetize some of those sites faster then i did with bloggernoob. In time, i think i will be making full time income with my collection of sites. If that happens, i can semi retire from real estate. I can invest and have other people draw up proformas for me. I’ve already made over $20,000.00 with my collection of websites and domains. Why don’t you stop reading useless “make money online” blogs like mine, and start setting up sites of your own.

This income report shows the total amount i made this blog. If you want to see how much i made last month, minus last month’s total with today’s total.

Paid Plugs– I will continue to cut down on these type of posts in the future. I think these programs are great for new blogs, but when your blog grows, you should find other means of monetization.

Payperpost– $2535.66 + 144 referrals($15 each) $2160.00 = $4,695.66

Smorty– $103.14 + 45 referrals($5 each) $210 = $328.14

Sponsoredreviews– $1980.90 + 100 blog referrals($10 each) $1000 + 7 advertiser referrals($25 each) $175 = $3,155.90

Blogtoprofit– $25.00

Bloggerwave– $40.00

blogsvertise– $5.00

Money4blogs– $35.00

Affiliates– I’ll be working more on affiliate marketing with bloggernoob and my other sites. As you can see, i’m starting to work in other affiliate networks into my commission junction mix.

Commission Junction– $2,781.01

RevResponse– $150.00

PepperJamNetwork– $65.00

PPC/Signup Bonus/referrals/misc Still haven’t figured out PPC yet, but i plan on doing more research on this.

Adbrite– $4.38

Widgetbucks– $25.00

Project Wonderful– $14.17

Misc– $50.00

– $25.00

BloggerNoob Ads– Because i want to build up the bloggernoob brand, i want to focus more on private ad sales. This form of monetization is the best kind. You don’t have to do much work and you get steady monthly income. If you ever plan on selling your blog, adsense income, affiliate income, and private ads income are the most important. If you sell $1000/month in private ads, your blog should fetch at least $15,000 when you sell it. Don’t worry tho, i don’t plan on selling bloggernoob. If i ever get bored with it, i’ll give this blog to my brother. Brothernoob will take over and i’ll guest post.

Private ads– 18 + 60 + 35 + 225 + 40 + 275 + 520 + 365 + 775 = $2313.00

TOTAL- $13,712.26

I get a lot of emails asking me about my income. Let me address some of the FAQs. This income report is income from I have a lot of other websites, but i don’t like to co-mingle funds or income reports. I have not received all of the referral payments yet. I get random emails from advertisers and sometimes i pursue advertisers to fill my private ads. I’d say it’s about 50-50. I spend around an hour to an hour and a half/day on bloggernoob dot com. I also make money with domain flipping as well. I wish i could report that income here, but i don’t think bloggernoob dot com has anything to do with those sales. It would be nice to add that in my income reports cause it would give this blog’s income a nice boost. My expenses are usually less then $200/month. I spend about $10/month for hosting, $10/year for the domain, and about $180 for advertising/contests/marketing. And YES, i make money with PORN. If you have any other questions, leave me a comment. I try to address all the emails i receive, but lately i’ve been getting swamped.

37 thoughts on “Make money online 9 month income report

  1. Puneet

    thats cool …

    i hv heard monthly income post on every blogs ..but didn’t understood wats private ads income of theirs ?

    if u wud like to share or know wats that :)

  2. the noob Post author

    puneet- private ads are ads that you sell directly from you blog. these ads are not thru middleman ad networks. Private ads are usually the square image ads u see in the sidebar or reviews that were ordered thru the blog.

  3. Aris Yulianta

    Very inspiring post! well… I see that PPP and CJ are the most powerful money machine for you. Did you notice some relation between paid review blogs with Pagerank update?

  4. JacK Ying

    wow…you are just my inspiration to develop my blog further better…but just this moment I am preparing for exams…so no time for it how sad!

    Will keep looking forward in reading your posts. =) Keep it up.

    I wish one day…I could earn that much too ><

    congrats…ciaoz…oh yeah, make your blog better than the current…I am interested in hearing your posts of income in future. ^^

  5. Kathleen Milazzo

    I’m happy that a fellow blogger is seeing some success and cash, congrats. I’m far from there, and I can use all the tips and information that you can throw my way! Thanks!

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  7. KiwiPulse

    Wow your worked more hard than me in your last 9 months! I guess you just found a new fan of yours.. me? I’m still wondering how could you make so much money with CJ, I did try them but I received only peanuts. I would like to make peanut butter so I can commercialize them. πŸ˜€

  8. xmarks

    But you are leaving out a reason to come to the blog. . . except the pictures of hot girls you hijacked from somewhere else

  9. goofblogger

    Congrats on your income growth. Your blogging process is inspirational.

    I also am trying to focus on building up my domain portfolio. I took your advice about analyzing past sales of smaller websites. I actually purchased two tiny ones that are already established. I thought that I would start with smaller sites in case I have made the wrong assumptions about their worth.

  10. the noob Post author

    dean saliba- Thanks dean, u know what tho, i think $1000 since january is better then most bloggers. And yea, with the web, time makes things better, you’ll get indexed more and your domain’s value increases every year it is registered. hope to see you double up your income soon. πŸ˜‰

    aris yulianta- thanks.yeah, google hates paid plugs. that’s why i’m switching over to do it less. i do with with all my new blogs. and after they gain traction, i switch to other forms of monetization. the great thing about paid plugging is that you don’t need traffic to make money. other forms of monetization require you to have at some level of traffic.

    bonoriau- i sent that blogger(45n5) an email when i first started this blog. he removed my blog cause i did too many paid plugs. that list is a joke tho. he is a big ass kisser. and it’s easy to get on that list. just send him an email and your on. and in time you’ll be in the top 100 in no time. πŸ˜‰

    jack ying- thanks. exams are probably more important so you made the right choice. :) dude, if you just work hard and keep tweaking your blog. you’ll hit your income goals in months. not that hard. don’t expect millions tho. πŸ˜‰

    kathleen milazzo- thanks. if you ever had any questions, feel free to shoot them over to me. i’ll try to be helpful. πŸ˜‰

    dwacon- agreed. πŸ˜‰

    m dinesh- adbrite is the poorman’s adsense. never liked adsense but i’ll try to work on this in the coming months. project wonderful is a joke tho. but if you want to make 5 dollars without doing anything, and if your 125×125 spot isn’t sold, u should paste it up.

    moolahking- moolahking, u of all people know that i give a lot of my earning out in forms of contests and promotions. so yeah, i will be donating some of my cash. “but u have to ask me nicely” jack nicholson in a few good men. πŸ˜‰

    whataboutblog- thanks, that means a lot man. u know how to make a noob feel special. πŸ˜‰

    m4stono- thanks. i don’t expect to become rich with this blog. But, i do hope that i can launch a big website in the coming months. I’ve invested some of my cash into a couple big websites. (real estate related)

    jack- thanks buddy

    desmond- if chow’s income reports are real, there’s no way that i will match it. It’s impossible. even darren or ron jeremy can’t match’s chow’s stated income. only thing is that these income reports are all stated. no proof. remember that stated loans were a big reason why we are in a real estate lending crisis. πŸ˜‰ never trust stated income.

    shaxx- hardly rich, but i’m trying. i don’t think it’s realistic to think that you’ll get rich by blogging. only a few people get rich with just a blog. most people set up a lot of different website. and then the 80/20 rule kicks in. you make 90 percent of your money from 20 percent of your business ventures. πŸ˜‰

    billywarhol- thank billy. what can i say, i have good taste. i be poppin by again. πŸ˜‰

    kiwipulse- thanks. means a lot. i remember when i was a complete noob. tough times. CJ, like most affiliate networks takes some tweaking. my trick is that i go for the big commissions. i get a lot of newbie emails. i usually help them set up blogs or websites and have them use my link. that’s a hundred dolalrs a pop. πŸ˜‰

    loic brohard- loic, you must be french. no? Yeah i loved her in “science of sleep” she’s hot. mysterious and confident. she’s on my list. πŸ˜‰ u get noob points for knowing who it was. awesome!

    chica- thanks chica- you’re not too shabby yourself. and u still have your dignity, cause you don’t sell out like me. πŸ˜‰

    greg ellison- thanks greg. 67 bucks is 67 bucks. isn’t it amazing that you could even make 67 bucks. i really believe that the internet is the future for all business. been running my own business for 8 + years. i don’t think i would ever set up another brick and mortar. internet is the way to go. glad i started with this blog. openned my eyes to the potential of ebusiness. I have big plans for my two big projects in the pipeline. i’ve invested over 20k. that’s peanuts if you think about offline businesses.

    xmarks- i don’t understand your comment. are you trying to insult me? and define hijacking? you mean like youtube?

    internet 4 money- thanks. hot picture is right. πŸ˜‰

    pinoy rich jerk- thanks.

    goofblogger- thanks goof. i appreciate it. yeah, small sites aren’t that risky because they don’t cost much. and it’s a great way to jump in with a domain that already gets traffic. if it doesn’t grow, just switch the site up a bit. there’s already value in that domain and the indexed pages.

    techno zone- yeah i got paid by bloggerwave. i never go there because they never have any offers. i even emailed that webmaster to see if he wanted to sell me that website. πŸ˜‰ got nothing. no reply. i would have paid a few thousand for it.

  11. Make Money Blogging

    Your earning shocked me..! But i think you have put a lot effort on this blog since you earn a lot money from different advertisement company.
    I’m on the way to your steps (not earning) haha, but i hope my blog can be like yours too ! =)
    Keep it up ^^

  12. the noob Post author

    make money blogging- thanks. yeah i worked hard on this blog. it’s my baby. I have a lot of other sites, but bloggernoob will always be my baby. πŸ˜‰

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  15. ria

    I have been surfing online more than three hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It’s pretty worth enough for me. Personally, if all web owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the net will be a lot more useful than ever before.

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