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jennifer aniston makes money onlineHow many ads should you place on your blog? I think this is a question that a lot of noobs have. You want to effectively monetize your site, but at the same time, you don’t want to turn your blog into an infomercial. How many ads is too much? Where should i place my ads? What kind of ads work best? How do i make money online with my ads?


When noobies first learn about making money online, they think adsense. Newbies think it’s great! They think that people will click. Getting a hundred clicks a day will be automatic. After a few months of no income from adsense, these newbies usually quit blogging. They forfeit the dollar and forty cents that’s stuck in their adsense account. They’re not even close to the $50 cashout mark. Suckers!

First of all, you’re not going to make money online with adsense. If you’re a noob, that’s the worst program for you. I’ll tell you why. Adsense only works on sites that get a lot of traffic. And, it only works on sites that are catered to people who don’t normally use the web. This day and age everyone knows what an internet ad looks like. I think even my grandmother knows an adsense ad when she sees one. People don’t like clicking ads. People don’t want to waste time with ads. We have Tivo so we can skip the commercials. We watch tv shows on dvd because we don’t like seeing ads. I never watch a movie on TV because i can’t stand those commercial breaks. It’s the same thing on the net. So, why do you expect people to click on your ads?

Some bloggers swear by adsense. They say that you can invest a little in adwords and make profit with adsense. Maybe. But, i’m sure that this strategy only works for people who have been doing it for a while. If you’re a noob, you probably shouldn’t invest your money into adwords to try to make it back with adsense. But, If you have a high traffic site with noob readers, then you should place them inside your post. Placing them in the header also works. Sidebar and footer placement doesn’t seem to work as well. Do some research on what keywords get you the most per click. Set up sites to dominate those keywords. If you’re gonna try adsense, then you should go for the big clicks.

Paid plugs

What kind of ads should you put? Depends on your readers. It all depends on how many readers you have, and what type of readers they are. On my blog, people tend to be noobies. Hell, my blog is called bloggernoob. You think people who make a lot of money online read my blog? So, my readers are looking for solid info on making money online. So, i can push programs that help them make money. The only problem is that my niche is too competitive. I can’t expect to make much because most of the money is made my problogger, ron jeremy, and chowster. I’d be lucky to get the crumbs that fell off their table. That’s why i opted to do a lot of paid plugs. This way, it doesn’t matter what i push. I get paid just for posting it. Because make money blogs only get noticed when they start making money, i was forced to up my income. Paid plugging was a time consuming and tiring way to do that. It worked out ok. This worked out fine for the first 6 months, but now i”ve grown tired of it. Now, i want to start pushing the same programs as chow. And so far, it’s working.

If you’re just starting out, paid plugging is the best way to start monetizing your site. You’ll want to join up with all of the paid pluggin sites. Check out the post i wrote that has a complete list of paid posting sites.

Affiliate links

pepperjam make money onlineTwo days ago, i put up a post about pepperjamnetwork. I put up a few 125×125 ads to see if it’ll make me some money. I already got over 70 clicks and made $25. This number will go up in the next few days. I think a lot of my referrals will clear in the next few days. It also helped that they’re running a promotion right now. You can make $10 just for signing up with them. If you haven’t already signed up, do so now and make $10 easy. They have a lot of high converting ad programs.

So, if you have a make money online blog, you should start you site out with paid plugging to get the ball rolling. You’re going to need income before anyone bothers reading your blog. Once you start establishing your reader base, then you can switch your monetization methods.

Affiliate links work best inside your post. They are more effective when you do a thorough review of the product or service. If you’re lazy, then place eye catching 125×125 ads towards the top of your sidebar.

Private ads

This is the ultimate. If you’re able to sell private ads, that means that you have a solid blog. It means that you’re blog has graduated. Selling privates ads is still pretty tricky to me. I think i’m better at selling private ads then most MMO bloggers, but i’m still not very good at it. If you want to sell private ads, you need to have solid ranks. My blog doesn’t really have that. I only have PR2, and my alexa turned to shit recently. So, the ads that i sold were sold because i’m a super marketer. I’m a natural used car salesman. Basically, i just played the numbers game. I shot a lot of webmasters emails. I even got into trouble with my webhost. Apparently, you can’t send out unsolicited emails. That’s called spam. So, now, i just reply to emails. I get a lot of emails from adnetworks. When i receive these emails, i shoot them a reply with my sales pitch. Sometimes, not often, i get a bite. I then send them my price and i get paid. Until your site grows really big, you going to have to play the telemarketers role. You have to do a lot of cold calling. Or in our case, cold emaling. Don’t spam tho. Your hosting account could get suspended.

Private ads can be placed anywhere. The standard areas of placement are in the header, sidebar, and footer. Sidebar ads have been popular for a while. I’m not sure if that’s the best place for them. People tend to ignore them. But, if you can sell it, why not.

11 thoughts on “Make money online ads

  1. the noob Post author

    jan- did u spell noobie and newbies differently on purpose? I did. i want to dominate noobie and newbie in the search engines. U just helped me. 😉 i use noobie as a term of endearment.

  2. Eric - InfiniteWebProfit

    Your right, Adsense will not give us starters hundreds of $/month. Achieving that $100 cashout mark will a year for a new blog.
    Thanks for naming out paid posting sites. It’s my next step to start monetizing my blog.

  3. bloggernoob

    eric- i think if you ad up the money that google doesn’t ahve to payout. It’ll reach into the multi millions. I bet a lot of people quit before they reach the cashout point. Maybe this figures going into the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s a lot of clicks that they never have to pay for.

  4. Recruitment Nick

    out of interest how much are you making on average for a private ad?

    if you don’t want to give a definate answer fair enough, but I was really just after a ball park figure

  5. Sidnee

    Hi Bloggernoob, great article! I’m a noobie too. Thanks for sharing this!

    Recently i’ve stumbled upon a revolutionary ‘Business-in-a-Box’ system in a Free eBook, it has helped me to make some money since and i think you might be interested. It’s very new, you may want to write a review to share with readers if you find it useful :)

    (Instant download the Free eBook through my name, no opt-in required)


  6. the noob Post author

    recruitment nick- i can tell you here. you can find the prices on my advertise page.

    sidnee- i normally hate ebooks, but at least that one is free. i think ebboks are over rated. It could be a good way for people to share info, and it could be the next publishing revolution. But instead, you have a lot of people selling miracle syrups out of a wagon. most ebooks are like penis enlargement pills. 😉

  7. Ocean

    Hey noob, I was wondering what’s your opinion on sites like, where advertisers bid for ads on your site. I think I read somewhere that you hated them, but don’t really remember.
    Also, for the paid plugs, does the review have to be positive, or do they just want link love from you? I read on reviewme that they expect honest reviews…

  8. bloggernoob

    ocean- i hate projectwonderful. It made me less then 14 dollars in like 4 months. It’s passive tho. If you don’t want to make much, you should use it. Reviews generally have to be positive. They say they want “honest” but they don’t want negative reviews. 😉

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