Make Money Online and Magic Tricks

magic lee na young makes money onlineOne of my favorite jobs that i ever had was working at Disneyland. I was a Junior in high school and i wanted to save up for a new car. A few of my friends decided to apply for positions over at the happiest place on earth. I went to high school in Orange County so the drive to work wasn’t that bad. Also, the pay was pretty good for back in the day. Out of my friends, i was the only one to get hired. I was a cast member working the cash registers on Main Street. The job started with a base pay of $8/hr. This was early 1990s and the pay was awesome. Soon after i began work, i caught the eye of my one my managers. She got me promoted to one of the specialty shops on Main Street. Specifically, i was working the magic shop.

I started training to become a Mickey Mouse Magician. I was doing a lot of the prop tricks and slowly built up some slight of hand tricks. I was a natural magician. Anyway, before i babble more about my youth, let me get to my point. Magic is pretty lame. Unless you’re a dorky preteen, there is nothing magical about magic. It’s all about trick coins or trick desks of cards. If you practice at it, and if the person you are performing the magic trick to hasn’t already seen the trick, it might be fun for a second.

The key is to not show the trick over and over again. Even the stupid people can get the trick if you perform it multiple times. Magicians are not suppose to reveal their secrets, but most always do. When you let them in on the illusions, you always get the same response. “Stupid!” Something that baffled them a min earlier becomes something lame once the secret is revealed.

After about 9 months of blogging, i can see a lot of similarities between make money blogging and stupid magic tricks. It’s lame. The secrets are stupid. And the ones that do it are all a bunch of virgin nerds. (myself included)

I know that a lot of noobies wants to cash in on the blogging craze. It’s tempting to try to blog for money when you see a few guys making 6 figures a year with a blog. Don’t be fooled tho. 99.99% of the time, your blog will only make you a few dollars a month.

This niche is a big fat lie. Bloggernoob barely makes 2k a month. Minus the cost of marketing and the uncollected referral income and this blog isn’t really that great. The kicker is that my blog makes more then most of the MMO bloggers in the blogosphere. How’s that for brutal truth. The blogs or websites that promise you riches are performing magic tricks. The income reports are photoshopped and they are faking their RSS subscriptions. The traffic they claim to get is a big fat lie.

But, i still believe that money can be made by blogging. You won’t make it by talking about blogging tho. If you set up a “make money online” blog, you’re wasting your time. There are other niches that are worth more for your time.

Think about the professional magicians. There are probably a few who make enough to be classified as rich. David Blaine, David Copperfield, Sigfried and Roy, and Lance Burton. The rest of the sorry ass magicians have to take to the streets for change.

I’m sorry, i started writing this post thinking that i was on to something. After I wrote this post and read it over, i realized that i wasted your time. I guess that’s the point. Reading “make money online” blogs are a waste of your time. I knew there was a point in there somewhere. Noob out!

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  1. SEO for Blogging

    So you are a virgin nerd noob?? haha…btw you are telling people to not read make money blogs while you own one yourself?

    I think having blogs about stuff other than making money is better because then you have stuff to talk about. I have a blog about SEO, blogging, marketing and moneymaking. All these topics are closely related and thus it is easier for me to come up with stuff to write about on my blog.

  2. the noob Post author

    seo for blogging- my middle name is “40 year old virgin” i’ve found that reverse psychology works on a lot of noob bloggers. 😉

    yeah, it gets pretty mundane and boring writing about money online. that’s why i have a lot of other blogs. i love writing on my movie blogs. cause im a movie nut. bloggernoob is just a whore of a blog because it’s all about making money online. but, it will always be my baby. even if it’s a whore. 😉

  3. Tim Bennett

    I think you know what you are talking about and it makes all the research I have been doing over the last few weeks validated. I agree that the so called “tricks” are not really tricks, but the gurus would have you think they are. I am presently running research into the way google works and I find what they are doing mostly common sense.

    Contrary to popular belief, Google is not the only way to get traffic, in fact there is a huge area of traffic that google will not touch and these areas of business are still doing well. In fact some are doing too well.

    we are coming to the conclusion that it is possible to survive on the web without google and the other gurus if you try other avenues.

    I found this a very interesting article and would love some more on this topic.

  4. the noob Post author

    seo for blogging- i have a lot of blogs in my collection. i make money with all of them. it’s not much, but they add up to bloggernoob type income. i don’t like comingling blogs at the moment. i like to experiment and see how i can get traffic to each site independently. i might reveal my other blog later on tho.

    greg ellison- yeah, i probably won’t reveal the exact url, but i will post how things on moving along shortly.

    canadian finance guy- if u keep working at it, i don’t see why not. 😉

    tim bennett- thanks time. yeah, u gotta be careful whenever you pay for something. that’s why i’m always telling noobies to not pay for anything when they start out. too many scams out there for noobies. but after you get experience, you’ll be safe to the scams cause you realize all that stuff is freely available online. just gotta know where to look.

    you bring up a good point. google is a giant, but it’s not the only way. other search engines and sites like stumbleupon are a good way to build up traffic.

    i’ll try to be more useful in my future posts. 😉

  5. A Master Networker

    I make money online..

    but it is the “by-product” of my blog and not the blog itself..

    sure a blog can generate some small income..

    but is better utilized as a method of branding yourself an expert at “something”..

    be it..

    a consultant on “how to get a job in the magic kingdom”

    an expert “movie critic”..

    or the top dog on “SEO”..

    my expert “2-cents” 😉

  6. the noob Post author

    a master networker- i agree with you. blogging for dollar has caught on in the past couple years, but a lot of people have been making money online for years. I believe that selling your own product or service is the best way to go. Then it would be affiliate marketing. Blogging would be my last choice, but it’s the best and easiest way to get started. And yeah, being ultra specific with what your content is the way to go.

  7. Tiffany

    Love the post, lol. :oP

    I have an online store that I do very well with. My blogs are fun and the money is a “bonus” I honestly only make enough blogging at this point to take my five children out to pizza once or twice a month.

    I think being consistant is the key. I wasn’t with my blogs for a long time. I made a blogging schedule for myself though and I’ve seen a change for the better in traffic and revenue.

  8. the noob Post author

    tiffany- sounds good. i’m curious, what type of online store do you run?

    paulshealthblog- haha thanks. i say noob out quite often. but yeah, it’s like im an SNL fake news anchor. 😉 or like that clooney flick, good luck and good night.

  9. Van

    Sorry please delete my comment, this is a bug of my net, my stupid ISP save the cache so that i can’t see any new post on your blog >.<

  10. Guadalupe Shieh

    You cannot believe how long ive been googling for something like this. Through 6 pages of Yahoo results without finding anything. One search on Bing. There was this…. Gotta start using that more often

  11. Marti Cittadino

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