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audrey tautou in amelie makes me want to make money onlineBlogging for dollars is about writing posts not only for you readers, but also for the search engines. If your blog contains content that is keyword rich, but boring to read, you will lose out on the search engine hits. (cause noone will read the damn thing and click away) But, if you write engaging posts that the search engines don’t thoroughly index, then your blog won’t get a chance to even be read. Like everything in life, you have to find the right balance. I’ve compiled a list of things that should be included into every one of your blog posts. I personally use this checklist, and so far, it has helped me gain readership and increased the online income. If you want to make money online, include the following into your blog.

1. Include an image into each and every post. I get religious about this issue. Pictures do add up to a thousand words to your post. Every day, i get around 200 visits to this blog via Google. Half of them are from the keywords i’ve been working on, and half of them are from my images. That’s a big chuck of traffic sent just by pasting up a few pictures. Make sure that you label your images and try to make it relevant to your post.

2. Link to yourself in your post. Try to always have at least two links to your own site. If you notice, most of my blog posts have links to my homepage. This helps google recognize you site and keywords. As your site grows, your link will have more power to it. But, it doesn’t hurt to get in the habit of doing it. Link once to your homepage, and once to one of your individual posts.

3. Bold your text. It gets hard to read a lot of text. Having certain phrases highlighted in bold makes it easy on the eyes and easy to follow. Not to mention, google will be able to lock in to your search terms a bit better. Bold your keywords, and key phrases.

4. Use the more function. The more function becomes important after you have added a lot of content to your blog. If you are starting out, don’t use the more function in your post. It’s better to have a lot of text on the front page for google to see. But, after your site grows and you get readership, make it easier on your guests to scroll down to your other posts. Code your theme so that you have your keywords as part of your “MORE” link. (Noobies, if you don’t know what the more function is, leave me a comment and i’ll explain it a bit more.) (My more link was “read more to make more money.” It got you to the full article)

5. Include links to authority sites in your niche. This is especially crucial for blogs that are new. When you set up a new blog, google won’t touch your site. Why? Because there are too many sites on the web. Even the almighty google can’t get to them all. Do you realize that a gazillion pages are added every hour on the net? So, in order for your little site to be recognized, you need to call out to a big site. Think of google as a wiretap agent. Google spends all of it’s time listening in on peoples conversations. (links) They only tap the big sites. So, in order for you to be heard, you have to call up one of the big guys. You have to link to a dirty politician sort of speak. Linking to sites like wikipedia or techcrunch usually work best. Or, find authority sites in your niche and link to them. Shoot…link to me!

6. Write something entertaining. Write something personal. Get your readers interested. Your blog only has a chance of getting read if you make the right impression. Humor your audience with analogies and scenarios. Write metaphors and use a lot of examples. Clever ones like my Google=wiretap agent one.

7. Reply to the comments left by your readers. This is common courtesy. Your readers took some time off in their busy day to write on your stupid blog. You should at the very least acknowledge their comment with a little reply of your own. Comments are the backbone of blog posts. If blogs didn’t have comments, it would just be another boring, 1998, static, html web page. Boring! Yawn….

This was a mother list. I feel pretty good about this checklist. I think if you follow this list, you should be able to make some money online. Since this was a long post, i wanted to reward my loyal readers by awarding them some domain names. Leave me a useful comment and you will be entered to win a domain name. I gave out around 10 domain names in my last domain giveaway. I think i’ll give away around 5 this time around.

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16 thoughts on “Make money online blog post checklist

  1. the noob Post author

    peanutbuttertoes- not doing link exchanges at the moment cause i use it as ad space. sorry. Thanks for approving my ad. what ad? ask me the questions here. What did you want to know about entrecard?

  2. Eric

    Another great informative post you’ve done here.
    Never taught that putting a link to yourself page or put a link to some of your previous post is also a concerned for search engines.

    What is MORE FUNCTION? can you elaborate a bit more.

  3. the noob Post author

    Eric- thanks. more function is when you shorten your post on the front page. When you land on my homepage, u notice that at the end of my post, you see a link that reads “read more to make money online” That’s the more function. In wordpress, all you have to do is click on the more tab and you’re done. To change what the text is, u have to go to theme editor and fiddle with a little bit of the code.

  4. pinoywebsurfer

    just dropping by. nice tips you got here. too bad blogspot doesn’t have the more functionality like wordpress. you have to code it yourself.

    i’m glad that im already unconsciously doing some of the things in your checklist. have to try to link to authority sites more. didn’t know that could help alot. Thanks!

  5. the noob Post author

    desmond- awesome. no wonder your doing well with you blog. 😉

    pinowywebsurfer- yeah, it helps a bunch to link. google is all about links.

    mohamed- u have to announce and market your blog. entrecard dropping and advertising and networking on blogcatalog and digitalpoint should start you off with traffic. Leaving comments also works well in the beginning. later you can pay for some light advertising.

  6. the noob Post author

    masked millionaire- She’s only the cutest actress alive. Audrey Tautou is so cute. She makes me feel like a teenage boy. No. She makes me feel like a 12 year old boy. Pre teen. Thanks for liking my red theme. i should do a site redesign soon, but too lazy.

  7. Eric

    Wow! Great!!! I win that giveaway of yours.
    I am planning of creating another blog in the coming month. That domain is the one I can use to.

    Thanks Bloggernoob.

  8. the noob Post author

    eric- congrats eric! that’s awesome, be looking forward to what you make of that domain. email me your godaddy login and email and i’ll push the domain right away.

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