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zhang ziyi makes money online by budgetingBloggerNoob dot com does not spend any money on marketing anymore. When i first started this blog, i bought a few useless links from various link selling sites. I quickly found out that it wasn’t worth it to advertise like that for my blog. I was still a noob so i kept looking around the web to see where i could throw away my money. I almost bought into a few scams, but i was able to do a reality check. When you get started in the “make money online” game, you must be cautious when you pull out your credit card. General rule of thumb is, “don’t pay for anything” when you’re first starting out. In this post, i will break down my spending habits for this blog.

I don’t want to bore you guys with too much detail, but i’ll list the some things that i spent money on with this blog.

1. $25 on bidvertiser. I used a coupon code that gave me $125 worth of link for just $25. I used it to advertise on tylercruz and a few other smaller blogs. Big waste of money. That wasn’t even worth $5 in my book. No problem, noob mistake.

2. $0 on payperpost. I used another coupon code that gave me $100 worth of payperpost links/posts. I don’t even know where most of those posts are. Since it was free, i do not consider it a waste of money. Might be a waste of time, but it was a good learning experience to not use payperpost post for advertising.

3. $280 on entrecard. I bought a lot of entrecard credits from various bloggers to promote my blog on entrecard. I liked how i was one of the most popular entrecard blogs, but in retrospect, it was a waste of money. The traffic from entrecard is only good when it is free. If you spent a lot of time dropping and whatnot, IMO(in my opinion) you are wasting your time. Entrecard traffic is junk traffic. If visitors come via entrecard, they bounce after a second. I do not buy or drop entrecards anymore, but i still get traffic, so i will leave the widget up until it stop pushing me a hundred visits a day.

4. $30 on domain names. I bought a few alternative domain extensions for this blog. It was a waste of money. Unless you plan on launching a major site, do not register other extensions. Stick with the dot com version. And avoid the sucker bait of the 99 cent dot info domain extensions. Most likely, you’re not going to renew with the price of the dot info jumps to regular price.

5. $7 a month on hosting. Bloggernoob pays 7 dollars a month on hosting. I have around 20 other blogs that is on this hosting account. Web hosting is bar far the best way to spend money. Most web hosting companies allow multiple domains/blog hosting. Don’t be a cheapo, get yourself a dot com domain and shared web hosting. If you work on your blog a little bit, it will more then pay for itself.

6. $500 on contests. I probably spent a lot more, but let me low ball this figure. I spent a lot of money by giving away shit on my blog. I gave portable media players like the ipod, and iriver, and other mp3 players. I also handed out cash for domain contests and gave away domain names as prizes as well. I even gave cash prices to random people. I haven’t been doing this lately tho. I plan on doing more when i think up some good contests. If you guys have some contest idea, leave me a comment. I might just do it for ya. Prize ideas are welcome as well. I think that running contests are a great way to promote your blog in the beginning. But, don’t get suckered into giving out a lot of prizes. You might end up with some debt that you can’t cover. The old owner of blogging-ads fell into this trap/scam. Do it for fun, and keep the prizes light. Or, try to get sponsored. I got a few ipods sponsored by marketleverage. I have a new contest that i will do soon. It will be sponsored by an ad network. As your blog gets popular, internet marketing companies will approach you for ads and or sponsorship.

This post started out as a filler post, but got pretty lengthy. I’ll stop here. Remember guys, think of it like a business. Make sure that you are not spending a lot of money to grow your blog. When you run out of money for promotion, the traffic will die out. This happens because you created junk traffic to your blog. Focus on getting links and working the search engines. This type of traffic will get you paid either in adsense or affiliate sales. Search engine traffic is the most important type of traffic. Noot out!

7 thoughts on “Make money online budget

  1. djarchi

    Thanks for the tips. From the sound of it the only thing worth its weight in spending is hosting. I’m glad I read this because I was pretty close to spending some money to do the whole multiple domain thing but I think I will steer away from that and save some money. As always, great read.

  2. Living on Adsense Blog

    When I started blogging, and affiliate marketing before that, and selling on eBay before that, I refused to spend any money at all. I always feel that if there is an awesome expensive way to do something, then there is a pseudo awesome counter point that is free and requires a bit of hard work.

    In short I agree, don’t spend the cash. If you do spend cash, only use profits from your blogs to reinvest. Don’t use money from your day job that could affect your standard of living.

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