9 thoughts on “Make money online by saying Bye Bye Spottt

  1. Chelle

    I too did the same thing the other day. It was just cluttering up my sidebar. Spott’s website said i was getting hits from it but my gostats counter doesn’t lie! I did a whole redesign overhaul and i think my “adverise here” boxes look much nicer than the spottt box!

  2. the noob Post author

    benbarden- haha, yeah. it’s terrible. you would think that a widget developed by the adbrite guys would be good. nope. it’s much like blogrush. heavily funded pieces of shit.

    yuwie money- huh? spam….how’d u get passed akismet?

    chelle- phantom hits. i’m for trying things out. spottt just didn’t make the cut.

    normal joe- yeah, most widgets are useless anyhow, and it slows down load time.

    canucklehead- im for trying things out, but i guess it’s good to learn from others. wish someone i trusted told me about how worthless spottt was. too bad i don’t trust any of the make money online bloggers out there.

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  4. the noob Post author

    robin- It’ll get you a couple of clicks. but don’t expect much. I thought it was going to be a cool widget that bring in good traffic. If it did what it was suppose to, i would keep it up. I guess it doesn’t work because there’s no incentive to click thru. Entrecard gives you credits at least. and since it helps bring in traffic, people want to rack up the credits to buy ads. Spottt does nothing. It’s just as bad as blogrush.

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