Make Money Online by setting up sites for known advertisers

make money online advertisers like charlize theronWhat i mean by known advertisers is this. There are a lot of advertisers who want to promote their product or service. Casino, porn, and drug related sites are popular advertisers. This means that there are a lot of webmasters who want to push these products. Google doesn’t like these type of sites and have been known to penalize you for putting up links to casino, porn, and drug sites. I like the money i make from these advertiser, but at the same time, i don’t want almighty google to tax me. (Easy Fix) You can create sites just for these known advertisers. Set up a casino site. Set up a porn site. Set up a site about diet pills and viagra. Set up a penis enlargement site. If you get ranks and have consistent traffic, you are pretty much guaranteed advertisers. Make money online by setting up sites for known advertisers.

Since it’s the weekend, i’ll keep this post nice and short. Let me just give you an example because that seems to work best. A few months after i started bloggernoob, i started experimenting with other blogs. I registered a bunch of keyword domains. I got a few blogs up that discussed topics that these known advertisers would like. Credit and loan related companies have very deep pockets. I know for a fact that a lot of credit card or loan webmasters spend a lot in advertisement. So, i logically set up a credit card blog. It wasn’t anything special and the content was sub-par at best. After i wrote about 10 credit related posts, i marketed the blog and built up a few links. Before i even had PR on the blog, i started to monetize it. I didn’t think that i could sell any ads, but i did. I just approached a few credit related webmasters and posted a few threads in web forums.

You’re never going to know until you try it yourself. I’m telling you some of my blogging experiences and hopefully it helps you out a bit. Some of you know that i started domaining. The trick is to buy domains that you can sell. Extend this maxim for blogging. Set up websites or blogs that you can sell ads on. Of course, a blog that gets massive amounts of traffic doesn’t really need to focus on advertisers. But, for noobies, this is one of the best advice i can give as far as blog monetization. If you want to make money with your blog, set up blogs that have known advertisers. Have a great weekend, the noob has left the building! Noob out!

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  1. JohnKhoo

    You’re right. Casino, Porn, Loan sites normally have lots of advertisements banners and text links. From their homepage themselves i already see many advertisers are willing to pay for advertisements. They are really CASH RICH!

  2. make money ideas by goofblogger

    I have a few questions about this post.

    1) You mention after posting ten times, you added some links. Were this links to other sites that you have that are getting lots of traffic ?

    2) How do you know when the newest site is ready to be left alone ? Just wondering of the timing involved before you start the following site. Some people say that you should wait until the present is earning $1 a day before you move onto the next one.

    Thanks noob.

  3. SynArticles

    Nice post for those who want to start their own blogging.It is very important to decide and display only well known advertiser to get more revenue.
    Like as google adsense and other reputed networks are helping best to newbies in blogging.

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