Make Money Online Confict of Interest

diane lane conflict of interest in making money onlineDo you trust my blog as a good source for “making money online?” You really shouldn’t! I’ll tell you why. My blog is a make money online blog. So, the purpose of this blog is to make money. I make my money online via commissions. Think about it. I’m a salesman. Every make money online blogger is a hustler. We’re trying to sell you something that is overpriced, so we can take a bigger commission.

If ad program (A) gives me $100 for sale or referral, and ad program (B) only gives me $25, i’m going to push program (A) instead of program (B) even tho (B) is better. This applies to all salesmen. If you’re a stock broker or real estate agent, you’re going to push the higher commission regardless of the good of the client. This goes against the Fiduciary duties of the agent, but salesmen are always going to be salesmen.

I’ll give you another example. Making money online can be thought of as a business. An important part of business is the ability to save. If you can find a vendor who can supply the same product at a cheaper rate, it makes logical sense to deal with that vendor. So, if a make money blog is supposed to help you make money, shouldn’t they help you save money, instead of ripping you off? (reverse funnel system)

I see a lot of bullshit programs being pushed around. They are marketed by bloggers cause the payout is big. Let me focus on john chow and graham langdon. Before graham set up entrecard, he was the wonder kid who started the paid wiki pages. (i think the paid wiki pages is kind of a scam, but whatever) Graham contacted johnchow and offered him a nice commission. So, JC pushed the program and both made some nice cash on the deal. And then someone else set up a paid wiki page. He offered johnchow a better deal so JC started pushing that instead. The blogging game is not about loyalty or quality of product. It’s about the bottom line. That’s why you shouldn’t trust a make money blogger. Including me!

With that said, i wanted to leave you all with some discount codes. I’ve been buying a lot of domain names lately, so it helps to save a few bucks. If you’re still paying $10 a pop for a dot com domain, you should try these codes out. If you use these godaddy promo codes, you can save $3. You can buy dot coms for $6.95. It works for renewals too.

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11 thoughts on “Make Money Online Confict of Interest

  1. Taylor

    Very very good post. I sent you the email with the interview. Once I get the answers back, the article will be posted onto my site.

    PS: Would you be interested in exchanging blog rolls, and or joining the Hall of Blogging Tips at my site?

  2. Eric

    There is a great economic difficulties in the world today as a result of companies being closed or downsizing. Unemployment rate now is very high. Some of these unemployed people are tries to invest online and can easily find these MAKE MONEY ONLINE sites.
    If people are not careful in choosing the right product or service, their hard earn money will be “ripped off” by some money stealing sites.

  3. Rob

    Thanks for the discount codes, bloggernoob. Your honesty keeps the readers coming back, not your salesmanship!

  4. the noob Post author

    taylor- not sure when it expires. i’ve been using it for a few months now. my pleasure to do the interview.

    eric- yeah u gotta be careful with some of the scams posing as make money online programs.

    jaunesk- does it?

    rob- thanks rob. i’ll try to keep it real here. but don’t trust everything i say. 😉

  5. the noob Post author

    cobracar- i think domaining could be looked at in a lot of different ways. you can buy cheap ones and wait. or you can buy sell premium ones. if you want to start making money right away, u have to invest in some premium domains.

    ChiQ Montes- yeah it’s a nice little code. do you know any other codes?

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