Make money online contest over in 34 hours

micha barton makes money onlineGuys, my little contest will be over in 34 hours. I didn’t really promote the contest so not a lot of people entered it. That’s bad news for me, but great news for you. Your chances of winning are super good. It’s easy to enter. All you have to do is practice a sales pitch on your blog. Just write about why someone should advertise on your blog. Blogging for money is all about getting advertisers. If you want to get ads, you have to be active. You have to send out emails and you have to sell yourself and your blog. You have to network with other bloggers and you have to convince them that an ad on you blog has value. In other words, you have to practice your sales pitch. Making money online is all about ads. And getting ads is all about traffic. But, some are more successful then others in converting traffic into cash. Sites that actively go out and gets new advertisers are the ones that will make the big bucks. Here is your chance to practice.

Like i said before, entering my mini contest is easy. Here’s how to enter.

1. Write about this contest and link to this post. 200 min words and image of noob or screenshot of my blog.
2. Leave me a comment on this post when you’re done.

I will select 3 winners and pay each $10 via paypal and a review on my blog. That’s three winners guys! Also, for entering, i will send each entrant $1 via paypal just for entering. Good luck guys. I will select the winners in 34 hours.

6 thoughts on “Make money online contest over in 34 hours

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  2. the noob Post author

    matt- i will get it out in the next day or so.

    wendy- i’ll get this done, in the next day or so. sorry for the delay. I feel like a substitute teacher. I gotta grade papers. But i think you have a great shot at winning. not a lot of people entered.

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